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Texas State Board of Education member Cynthia Dunbar’s online essay last weekend accusing (now) President-elect Barack Obama of sympathizing with terrorists apparently wasn’t her first trip down the extremism highway. Fort Worth Star-Telegram columnist Linda Campbell today noted that another online essay by the Richmond Republican in September was even more extreme.

In her earlier essay, Dunbar accused Obama of, among other things, promoting Marxism.

The liberal media knows about Obama’s communistic world view. In support of its endorsement the New York Times stated about Obama that “He has drawn in legions of new voters with powerful messages of hope and possibility and calls for shared sacrifice and social responsibility….” Does this language not disturb us as Americans? If it doesn’t it is simply because we don’t understand the role of civil government from a Biblical World View as our Founders did. “Shared sacrifice and social responsibility” smack of Marxist Communism and redistribution of wealth. This is a completely anti-American, anti-Constitutional view of the role of Federal Government, and Marxism is diametrically opposed to a Biblical World View. [Emphasis added.]

Good heavens. Now those of us who believe in “shared sacrifice

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Cynthia Dunbar, the former Texas State Board of Education (SBOE) member whose company is now trying to sell a seriously flawed and insulting Mexican-American studies textbook to Texas public schools, has finally spoken out about the textbook. And her explanations are kind of Trumpian. Read More

New Dunbar Comments Highlight Extremism on Texas State Board of Education Public Education, Religious Freedom, Obama Targeted in Radio Interview

New public comments from a Texas State Board of Education member make clear the need to bring academic experts back into the process of revising social studies curriculum standards for public schools, Texas Freedom Network President Kathy Miller said today.

“These outrageous statements are yet more evidence that the revision of curriculum standards has been hijacked by political ideologues who are more interested in promoting personal agendas than sound education policies that will help our children succeed,” Miller said.

Miller was responding to comments state board member Cynthia Dunbar, R-Richmond, made in an interview last week on the far-right radio program The American View. During the interview, Dunbar suggested that the First Amendment does not protect the rights of nonreligious Americans, once again criticized public education, and repeated her charge that President Obama sympathizes with terrorists. Dunbar also attacked the faith of people who accept the science of evolution. (An archived recording of Dunbar’s interview is available here.)

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Good grief. Cynthia Dunbar has demonstrated once again the kind of religious and political extremism that currently dominates the Texas State Board of Education -- and the reason academic experts and classroom teachers should be guiding the process of revising curriculum standards for public schools, not politicians with personal agendas. Speaking last week on a far-right talk show, The American View, (read more about the show here) Dunbar -- a Richmond Republican representing a state board district that stretches from west of Houston to Austin -- attacked public education and even the religious faith of people who don't agree with her. She also repeated her infamous attack on President Obama as a terrorist sympathizer. And as the state board prepares to take a final vote next month on social studies curriculum standards for public schools, Dunbar suggested that supporters of separation of church and state don't understand the Constitution and that the drafters of the First Amendment had no concerns "whatsoever" for the nonreligious. Read More

Texas State Board of Education member Cynthia Dunbar, R-Richmond, has been defending her action removing Thomas Jefferson from world history curriculum standards by disingenuously claiming his inclusion simply wasn't "germane." And during this month's state board meeting, she complained that critics were wrong in charging that she and other far-right board members were trying to force their religious views into public school classrooms. But the truth often has a way of finding its way to light: Dunbar opposes teaching world history students about Jefferson because she defiantly opposes his conviction that mixing government and religion is a threat to freedom for all. Ed Brayton at Dispatches from the Culture Wars notes that Dunbar is scheduled to appear  on May 1 at a rally in the nation's capital (May Day 2010: A Cry to God for a Nation in Distress). She reportedly will call on God to forgive America for supposedly removing Him from American schools. Here is how rally organizer Janet Porter, founder of the fringe religious-right organization Faith2Actiondescribes what Dunbar will tell rally participants: "She is going to come to May Day and repent…… Read More