Texans Taking Care of Texans: Meet This Quarter’s Super Volunteer

Last week, the State Board of Education (SBOE) voted to adopt the social studies curriculum, after having bowed to the demands of extremists and conspiracy theorists in choosing to delay the revision of Texas’ social studies curriculum, referred to as the Social Studies TEKs, back in August. […]

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PSA: Ray Bradbury Called, He Wants his Novel Back.

Texas feels a lot like Fahrenheit 451 these days. Not because it is summer, though that’s part of it, but because the new school year is exposing some of the cartoonish and harmful acts the government is committing to control our students’ education.  […]

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SBOE Watch: How the Board Reached its Latest Decision and What’s Next

Last week, the State Board of Education chose to delay the Social Studies TEKS revision, wasting $200,000 of state funds allocated to workgroups while silencing the voices of our communities. Flooded with misinformation, overwhelmed by public testimony from a small, extremist group of testifiers who opposed an inclusive curriculum, the board bowed to pressure and failed to do its job.    […]

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