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On this page, you’ll find information on what abortion access will look like post-Roe in Texas.
While there is still much uncertainty in the wake of Roe v. Wade’s fall, there is one thing we do know: Our fight to make abortion permanently legal, safe, and accessible for everyone cannot and will not stop. Our care for our communities cannot stop.
Here’s where we are in Texas: On June 24, 2022, the Supreme Court of the United States released a ruling overturning Roe v. Wade. On July 3, abortion clinics in Texas were forced to cease operations, and as of August 25, our “trigger law” is officially in effect. The law bans abortion from fertilization and criminalizes any attempt by a medical professional to perform, induce, or attempt an abortion. It also increases the penalties for performing an abortion up to life in prison. The trigger law notes that the attorney general “shall” bring a lawsuit to seek a civil penalty of no less than $100,000 per abortion performed.

Protect & Support Abortion Access in a Post-Roe World

Rallies, Actions, & Events Calendar

This section will be updated as we learn about new online actions, events, and rallies

Online Events & Actions


Emergency Mobilization in Amarillo TX – #BiggerThanRoe

Where:Amarillo, TX (RSVP for location)

We must defend against the threat of a nationwide ban on medication abortion. Join us in Amarillo, Texas on February 11, 2023, for an emergency mobilization, or sign up to take virtual action to support.


“BIGGER THAN ROE” Picketing on Austin Rally

Where:Austin, TX
Texas State Capitol – South Steps

We call on our elected leaders to reverse state abortion bans and expand people’s access to reproductive healthcare.

Read More About Our Reproductive Justice Work

Visit our blog to learn more about our current & past work to fight for reproductive justice and destigmatize abortion care pre and post-Roe.

El Paso GRACE Act Testimony: Ivonne Diaz

My name is Ivonne Diaz, and I’m a Regional Organizer with Texas Rising in El Paso. I’m in favor of item 31. Last year when this item was introduced, I shared my story with you. I said it was the story of a friend when in reality it was my story. I didn’t want to…

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El Paso GRACE Act Testimony: Sabrina Bustillos

Good afternoon mayor and council (with a belated congrats to the new members of the council that have already begun doing great things for the city), my name is Sabrina Bustillos and I’m here in my capacity as a community member and advocate with the Texas freedom network and their Just Texas program, which works…

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Texas Freedom Network Announces Priorities for 88th Legislative Session

AUSTIN, Texas – Texas Freedom Network today announced its top tier of legislative advocacy ahead of the 88th Texas Legislative Session, emphasizing LGBTQIA+ protections, the need to teach the truth, abortion access, voting access on college campuses, and ensuring religious freedom. TFN will spearhead advocacy efforts in these areas while providing support to partner organizations…

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Tips & Tools for Talking About Abortion

This section will be updated as we learn more about what a post-Roe world in Texas will mean for the community.

TFN President Val Benavidez’s Statement

“For years, we have known that the day when abortion access would be challenged, and possibly stolen, at the Supreme Court was coming. Still, it is devastating to learn that the far-right’s totalitarian vision for the future has come to fruition with the U.S. Supreme Court’s official ruling to overturn Roe v. Wade.

“We know that the majority of the country opposes abortion bans, but far-right politicians continue to criminalize and weaponize our bodies for political power and control–a tactic we’re all too familiar with in Texas, where a six-week abortion ban has been in effect since September 2021. We also know that while Roe deserved to be protected, legality alone has never been enough to provide equitable access to abortion care for Black, rural, LGBTQIA+, and other historically marginalized communities. We will never stop fighting for policies that let all people know they are trusted to make their own pregnancy decisions.

“Abortion is healthcare and it should be a protected, accessible right for everyone. While today we mourn this loss and the Court’s failure, we must transform our grief into action by caring for our communities, taking our rage to the ballot box, and continuing to fight in the courts, in Congress, and at the state legislature for changes that protect our right to abortion once and for all.”

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