Lani Popp’s Victory in GOP Runoff for Texas SBOE Seat Isn’t a Win for Texas Kids

Republicans have nominated yet another creationist to replace retiring State Board of Education member Ken Mercer of San Antonio. The GOP nominee also thinks slavery wasn’t the primary cause of the Civil War and is critical of sex education. Her election in November would simply fuel the state board’s endless textbook wars. Check out the […]

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Public Hearing: It’s Time to Teach the Truth on Sex Education in Texas

More than 260 people signed up to testify at a public hearing today as the State Board of Education considers an overhaul of health education standards — including standards on sex education — for Texas public schools. Check out our press release. […]

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COVID-19 Exposes Republican Failure to Deal with Health Care Crisis in Texas

One of the most damaging ways conservative state leaders left Texas unprepared for the COVID-19 pandemic is the state’s sky-high number of people without health insurance. And that’s getting worse: many Texans who are losing their jobs are joining the already massive ranks of the uninsured. This is a public health catastrophe — one compounded […]

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Politics, Race and Republican Leaders’ Sorry Response to COVID-19 in Texas

While many local leaders in the state’s largest cities and counties acted swiftly to slow the spread of COVID-19 in Texas early on, the reactions of state Republican leaders to the crisis was much slower. Then after belatedly issuing a shelter-at-home order and closing nonessential businesses, Gov. Abbott and other Republican leaders have apparently decided […]

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