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TFN staff have put together some tips and suggestions that will make it easier for you to effectively advocate for the issues you care about. Please use these resources to contact your elected officials and local newspapers, and help us as we fight for religious freedom, defend civil liberties and strengthen public schools in Texas. Please remember to add personal stories to your letters to help illustrate why these issues matter so much.

We hope these tools will be useful to you and help make your activism more effective. Click on each one to learn how to make a difference.

Current Campaigns

TFN is happy to help you at any step along the way! Feel free to e-mail the TFN outreach staff for help by clicking here.

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This year the state took a step forward when the Texas State Board of Education finally -- finally! -- acknowledged that slavery was the central cause of the Civil War. Some people don't like to move forward: #txlege

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