The Ugly-American State Board of Education Member from Texas

On Wednesday the State Board of Education took the historic step of voting to create an elective course in Mexican American studies for Texas public schools. One board member’s divisive stunt leading up to the vote served as yet another reminder why that action was a good thing. […]

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It’s Past Time for MAS in Texas

As expected following Wednesday’s preliminary vote, the Texas State Board of Education today chose not to adopt a proposed Mexican American studies (MAS) textbook that the author and publisher had rushed forward to meet a deadline scholars had warned was too tight. Now, after failing to get more than a single textbook submission for adoption in each of […]

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Disingenuous Cynthia Dunbar Unites Texas Ed Board Against Her Textbook

The often deeply divided Texas State Board of Education just voted unanimously — 14-0 — to reject the controversial and error-plagued Mexican American Heritage textbook. (Board member David Bradley, R-Beaumont, was absent.) The board must vote again on Friday, but it would be very surprising if the board reverses today’s decision. It’s ironic that Cynthia Dunbar, whose company […]

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Today the State Board of Education heard public testimony about the error-plagued, deeply offensive Mexican American Heritage textbook proposed for Texas public schools. Tuesday morning the Texas Freedom Network helped organize a press conference featuring widely respected scholars and community advocates who called on the state board to #RejectTheText. Here’s the press release we sent out […]

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