On a related note, I have volunteered to have a makeup artist make me look one month older so I can speak to you from this December and warn you that Glenn Beck’s year-end show was ridiculous.

From Right Wing Watch:

On his radio broadcast today, Glenn Beck mentioned that he is bringing in a Hollywood makeup artist tomorrow to make him up to look like a ninety-year-old man so that he can film a segment for his upcoming end-of-the-year special in which he recounts, in the year 2054, how 2014 was the year that religious freedom was lost forever.

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Right-wing radio and television host Glenn Beck and WallBuilders founder David Barton have some interesting similarities. They both live near Fort Worth. Barton has been a repeat guest on Beck’s programs. Both are demagogues. And both twist historical facts to promote their political views.

For example, our friends at Right Wing Watch caught Beck misleading his audience at the Values Voter Summit in the nation’s capital last weekend. The annual event brings together religious-right activists and groups like the American Family Association for a weekend of political diatribes. The rhetoric gets so extreme that another Texas speaker this past weekend, Republican U.S. Rep. Louie “Terror Babies” Gohmert, told the audience that GOP Sen. John McCain of Arizona supports al Qaeda.

Anyway, playing to the religious right’s persecution complex, Beck told the audience that the German Nazis persecuted “Bible scholars” — anyone, he said, who “knew anything about the Bible” — before and during World War II. He explained that those “Bible scholars” wore a purple triangle in the Nazi concentration camps.

But Beck was promoting bad history, as Right Wing Watch points out. The purple triangle was used to designate Jehovah’s Witnesses,… Read More

You couldn’t be blamed if up to now you looked at this CSCOPE hubbub and dismissed it as mostly just a case of a few fringe loons with Internet connections talking to each other. In fact, the most prominent individual — at least as far as electeds go — up to this point to engage in the CSCOPE hysterics is Texas Senate Education Committee chair Dan Patrick, R-Houston. No surprise there.

That is until Gov. Rick Perry went on Glenn Beck’s radio program Tuesday. There, Perry didn’t fully jump into the faux controversy over CSCOPE, but he also did nothing to disabuse Beck of the conspiracy theories that have been tossed at this curriculum system developed by state-created entities.

Said Beck (video below; CSCOPE exchange begins approximately at 3:00 mark):

“You stood up to Common Core here, which is deadly, deadly to the republic. And then, we happen to get a back door thing called CSCOPE. Could you explain a little bit about why these things are so insidious and what people need to understand? Because it seems to me it is a back door to cut off all rights to parents and to states on anything that has to… Read More

Just how hard is the far right taking President Obama’s re-election victory on Tuesday? Very. Tickets are sold out on the train to Crazy Town. Here is David Barton pal Glenn Beck (who leased a house in an exclusive North Texas community last year):

“I’ve been telling you for a while and I’ve told my own staff, if the president wins, I don’t know how we survive… I won’t make a deal with the devil… I will tell you last week we purchased more farmland as a family. May I recommend if you have a chance to buy farmland, you buy farmland. If you live in the east may I recommend get the hell out of the east. Find a place where you are surrounded by like-minded people and the best way to find those people is, you should probably look at the maps on how counties voted… May I highly suggest you get grandfathered in to the second amendment today. Oh and don’t forget the ammunition.”

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You might have heard about loony conservative radio host — and soon-to-be Texas resident — Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Courage” rally in Israel, which concluded earlier today. (The event featured the typical Beck crocodile tears, an appearance by San Antonio’s John Hagee and, apparently, show tunes.)  But did you hear who is footing the bill for any politician who wants to travel to Israel and attend the event? Our favorite faux-historian David Barton and his group WallBuilders. Credit Think Progress for having the curiosity to click the “Donate” button on the event’s webpage, which:

…takes visitors to WallBuilders website. The site accepts contributions to the ‘Restoring Courage — Israel’ fund:

‘If you want to help and show your solidarity with Israel, you can participate by helping to underwrite the cost of the Restoring Courage event in Jerusalem. All of the funds will go directly towards the production and expenses of the events associated with the Restoring Courage Tour in Israel.'”

Of course, this isn’t the first partnership between Barton and Beck (or the second or third). The two are practically BFFs. In fact, the house Beck reportedly just purchased… Read More