Ninety-Year-Old Glenn Beck Declares Death of Religious Freedom

On a related note, I have volunteered to have a makeup artist make me look one month older so I can speak to you from this December and warn you that Glenn Beck’s year-end show was ridiculous. From Right Wing Watch: On his radio broadcast today, Glenn Beck mentioned that he is bringing in a […]

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Glenn Beck's History Lessons Appear to Be as Bad as David Barton's

Right-wing radio and television host Glenn Beck and WallBuilders founder David Barton have some interesting similarities. They both live near Fort Worth. Barton has been a repeat guest on Beck’s programs. Both are demagogues. And both twist historical facts to promote their political views. For example, our friends at Right Wing Watch caught Beck misleading […]

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Rick Perry Talks CSCOPE with Glenn Beck

You couldn’t be blamed if up to now you looked at this CSCOPE hubbub and dismissed it as mostly just a case of a few fringe loons with Internet connections talking to each other. In fact, the most prominent individual — at least as far as electeds go — up to this point to engage […]

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Barton Helps a Brother Out

You might have heard about loony conservative radio host — and soon-to-be Texas resident — Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Courage” rally in Israel, which concluded earlier today. (The event featured the typical Beck crocodile tears, an appearance by San Antonio’s John Hagee and, apparently, show tunes.)  But did you hear who is footing the bill for […]

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