David Barton’s Buddy Glenn Beck Freaks Out Over the Election: Buy Farmland! Get a Gun!

Just how hard is the far right taking President Obama’s re-election victory on Tuesday? Very. Tickets are sold out on the train to Crazy Town. Here is David Barton pal Glenn Beck (who leased a house in an exclusive North Texas community last year):

“I’ve been telling you for a while and I’ve told my own staff, if the president wins, I don’t know how we survive… I won’t make a deal with the devil… I will tell you last week we purchased more farmland as a family. May I recommend if you have a chance to buy farmland, you buy farmland. If you live in the east may I recommend get the hell out of the east. Find a place where you are surrounded by like-minded people and the best way to find those people is, you should probably look at the maps on how counties voted… May I highly suggest you get grandfathered in to the second amendment today. Oh and don’t forget the ammunition.”

(H/T: Think Progress and RightWingWatch.org)

19 thoughts on “David Barton’s Buddy Glenn Beck Freaks Out Over the Election: Buy Farmland! Get a Gun!

  1. We can all hope that he buys his farm and retreats to the outback, goes off the grid and digs a latrine. Then he will be off the air and out of the wing-nuts’ ears and hopefully the good earth can make something useful out of the sewage he has been spouting.

  2. Mr. Beck & his ilk should emigrate to Antarctica. They could grow iceberg lettuce, eat snow cones, ice cream, drink iced tea …. perfect place for them….

  3. All of these right-wing bigmouth morons have one thing in common: Glenn Beck net worth $100 million, Bill O’Reilly net worth $50 million, Rush Limbaugh net worth $300 million.

    What are these guys worried so much about again? Remind me.

  4. The sooner they buy farmland and move there, the better. I figure they already own guns, and in any case on the farm they won’t generally have their guns around me in the city.

    But I don’t think all of the tickets to crazytown have been sold — in any case, there’s always a new train leaving the station going to that destination.


  5. There is plenty of land in West Texas where he can avoid liberals and other humans. He can even fire his guns without the risk of hurting anybody that he now has. He may have to worry about people building windmills in a few years if he survives that long.

  6. Nationally this election was a huge blow to the religious right. Personally I’d like to think it was a knock-out punch but the evil doers will doubtless come up with a new and more insidious strategy.

    Be that as it may not only did Romney lose, but their darlings Todd Aken lost in Missouri, Richard Mourdock lost in Indiana, and several states passed legislation allowing gay marriage.

    In Ohio in Virgina, two critical states Romney lost, angry women voters from college students to suburban housewives had been vowing for months to let the GOP know how they felt about new, harsh abortion restrictions in those two states.

    My conclusion: the religious right cannot win a national election (Perry,Santorum or Bachmann would have been but so much cannon fodder) but they can lose one.

    For the good of the country they really need to just go away.

  7. Glenn Beck the delusional and often inane ranting person who sees boogeymen behind every bush, around every corner and in every graveyard a ghost and goblin that is going to steal his freedoms from him.
    Glenn Beck, he needs real and overwhelming mental health help.

  8. Beck and Limbaugh and their whole crowd should move to Somalia. It has everything they say they want– no government, no national health care, no gun control, plenty of ammunition.

    1. yeah, i’d like to see the crazy ass reply to that on national tv…`(they would be scared to death in somalia~) ha of course their bad-ass attitudes would shrink….lol