Barton and Beck: An Uncivil Union

In the latest step cementing (sanctifying?) his relationship with Fox News commentator Glenn Beck, pseudo-religious scholar/phony historian David Barton has declared in prayer that Beck’s August 28 “Restore Honor Rally” at the Lincoln Memorial in our nation’s capital is divinely inspired. (Civil rights leaders don’t see it that way — they are particularly upset that […]

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Barton: Beck a Good Christian, But Not Dems

When it comes to examples of extremists using faith as a political weapon to divide Americans, one can hardly beat David Barton. The right-wing phony historian who calls separation of church and state a “myth” decided this week to explain why fundamentalist Christians shouldn’t be upset that he has been collaborating with his Fox News […]

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Barton Finally Gets University Gig

Well, we can no longer accuse wannabe historian David Barton of never holding an actual teaching position at a university. He can now add “professor at Glenn Beck University” to his vita. A fake university and a fake historian — a match made in heaven. Barton’s latest collaboration with his new BFF Glenn Beck of […]

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Breathing Fire in Tyler

Political fire-breathing was center stage at “The Oil Palace” on Saturday in Tyler, the only Texas stop on FOX News show host Glenn Beck‘s traveling road show, his “Take America Back” tour. The event showed once again how religious-right rhetoric increasingly dominates the so-called “tea party movement.” Beck and various Texas politicians provided plenty of […]

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Barton and Beck, Together at Last

Chris Rodda (Liars For Jesus: The Religious Right’s Alternate Version of American History) has a piece up on Huffington Post about the growing ties between David Barton and wacky FOX News host Glenn Beck. Barton, whom far-right members of the Texas State Board of Education last year put on a key panel helping revise social […]

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