Rick Perry Talks CSCOPE with Glenn Beck

by Jose Medina

You couldn’t be blamed if up to now you looked at this CSCOPE hubbub and dismissed it as mostly just a case of a few fringe loons with Internet connections talking to each other. In fact, the most prominent individual — at least as far as electeds go — up to this point to engage in the CSCOPE hysterics is Texas Senate Education Committee chair Dan Patrick, R-Houston. No surprise there.

That is until Gov. Rick Perry went on Glenn Beck’s radio program Tuesday. There, Perry didn’t fully jump into the faux controversy over CSCOPE, but he also did nothing to disabuse Beck of the conspiracy theories that have been tossed at this curriculum system developed by state-created entities.

Said Beck (video below; CSCOPE exchange begins approximately at 3:00 mark):

“You stood up to Common Core here, which is deadly, deadly to the republic. And then, we happen to get a back door thing called CSCOPE. Could you explain a little bit about why these things are so insidious and what people need to understand? Because it seems to me it is a back door to cut off all rights to parents and to states on anything that has to do with education.”

How about it, Gov. Perry? Beck just called CSCOPE an “insidious” threat to parents and states (if not to the republic itself). What say you?

“Well, it is. It’s of great concern that we’ve seen this effort to bypass oversight by the commission — Michael Williams, (Texas Education Agency) Commissioner — the Legislature, for that matter, because the Legislature is a microcosm of the state. This is a conservative state. And I absolutely agree with education chairman Patrick and TEA Commissioner Williams that we need to ensure there is appropriate transparency, quality control, oversight of the CSCOPE. State Board of Education and these education service center curriculums all need to be very transparent. So there’s an audit process that has formally begun.”

Make what you will about Perry’s answer and how he only addressed CSCOPE’s supposed lack of transparency. But one thing is clear: when confronted with a conspiracy theorist’s assertion that CSCOPE is a plot to destroy the country, he said nothing to the contrary.

Here’s the video: