Ninety-Year-Old Glenn Beck Declares Death of Religious Freedom

On a related note, I have volunteered to have a makeup artist make me look one month older so I can speak to you from this December and warn you that Glenn Beck’s year-end show was ridiculous.

From Right Wing Watch:

On his radio broadcast today, Glenn Beck mentioned that he is bringing in a Hollywood makeup artist tomorrow to make him up to look like a ninety-year-old man so that he can film a segment for his upcoming end-of-the-year special in which he recounts, in the year 2054, how 2014 was the year that religious freedom was lost forever.

One thought on “Ninety-Year-Old Glenn Beck Declares Death of Religious Freedom

  1. I’ve been listening to Glenn Beck’s radio program for the past several weeks. For the life of me, I can’t understand how he is viewed as a spokesman or voice of relevance. His commentary is juvenile, scattered, often incoherent, and then there are the logical flaws and twisting of facts that all combine to make it pure drivel. Yet it seems to prevail.