Barton Helps a Brother Out

You might have heard about loony conservative radio host — and soon-to-be Texas resident — Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Courage” rally in Israel, which concluded earlier today. (The event featured the typical Beck crocodile tears, an appearance by San Antonio’s John Hagee and, apparently, show tunes.)  But did you hear who is footing the bill for any politician who wants to travel to Israel and attend the event? Our favorite faux-historian David Barton and his group WallBuilders. Credit Think Progress for having the curiosity to click the “Donate” button on the event’s webpage, which:

…takes visitors to WallBuilders website. The site accepts contributions to the ‘Restoring Courage — Israel’ fund:

‘If you want to help and show your solidarity with Israel, you can participate by helping to underwrite the cost of the Restoring Courage event in Jerusalem. All of the funds will go directly towards the production and expenses of the events associated with the Restoring Courage Tour in Israel.'”

Of course, this isn’t the first partnership between Barton and Beck (or the second or third). The two are practically BFFs. In fact, the house Beck reportedly just purchased in Westlake, Texas is a mere 38 miles from Aledo, where Barton’s WallBuilders is headquartered. Maybe they can have a sleepover and plan Beck’s next rally.

4 thoughts on “Barton Helps a Brother Out

  1. As a Jew and life-long support of the State of Israel, I cannot begin to express my absolute disgust that cretins of that lower class thinks that my people need to have ANYONE tell them to be courageous. Eight hundred thousand Jews defeated millions of Arabs who wanted to push them into the sea. That was when they first declared independence. The Arabs have learned that they cannot beat Israel militarily so now they tell BIG LIES to make the ONLY JEWISH STATE IN THE WORLD seem like horrible people, too heinous to exist.

    My loathing for Beck and his mentally ill friend is too great for me to express.

    I urge all people of good will to go to to see the posters that talk about Arab apartheid and what they will do to any Jew who lives on what they consider to be their territory.