David Barton, the right-wing propagandist and phony historian from Texas, is repeating the same lie (told by him and others many times already) about President Obama supposedly ignoring God at Thanksgiving. Here is a Twitter post from Barton today:

“4th Straight Year: Obama Thanksgiving Resolution Doesn’t Thank God”

Barton, a former vice chairman of the Texas Republican Party who runs an organization (WallBuilders) that calls separation of church and state a “myth,” then links to this article from the right-wing LifeNews.com website, which declares:

“For the fourth straight year, the Thanksgiving resolution from President Barack Obama fails to actually thank God — which is the fundamental reason why Thanksgiving is observed.”

The article quotes from Thanksgiving proclamations by Presidents George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, both of which referred to God.

As we noted earlier this year, claims by Barton and others that President Obama has left God out of his Thanksgiving proclamations are simply untrue. First, the LifeNews.com article is referring to President Obama’s weekly Internet address, not his Thanksgiving proclamation. Second, as the article acknowledges, President Obama does refer to God in that address.

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How low can David Barton go? Lower than any responsible American could have imagined, apparently.

On his WallBuilders Live radio/Internet program today, Barton suggested that President Obama allowed last month’s attack on the American consulate in Benghazi, Libya, to happen so that it would be easier to pass an international “anti-blasphemy” ban protecting Islam from criticism. U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans were killed in the September 11 attack.

Providing a partial transcript and audio clip from Barton’s repulsive broadcast, RightWingWatch.org reports that Barton told listeners that the United States had “signed on” to a United Nations resolution “to criminalize criticism of Islam, anti-blasphemy codes.” He also repeated charges promoted in right-wing media that the Obama administration had ordered American security forces to “stand down” rather than try to defend the Americans trapped in the Benghazi consulate during the attack. Then this:

“So we’re watching this thing develop, we watched four lives get lost and then what happens is we’re told ‘oh, it’s this video, we can’t be criticizing Islam, this video that criticized Islam, it cost four people [their lives.]’ This is the perfect set-up for the anti-blasphemy resolution that we… Read More

David Barton‘s outrageous defamation lawsuit against two Texas State Board of Education candidates could be headed to the state Supreme Court.

Barton, the head of the Texas-based political advocacy group WallBuilders and a former vice chairman of the Texas Republican Party, is suing Democrats Rebecca Bell-Metereau of San Marcos and Judy Jennings of Austin. The lawsuit claims that an Internet video on behalf of their unsuccessful state board campaigns in 2010 falsely painted him as a sympathizer with white supremacists. The video noted that Barton is “known for speaking at white supremacist rallies.” The video also criticizes the state board’s appointment of Barton to a panel of so-called “experts” who advised the state board on the revision of social studies curriculum standards in 2009-10.

As the Weatherford Democrat newspaper reports, attorneys for Bell-Metereau and Jennings asked a state judge to dismiss the lawsuit, pointing to “a new Texas law intended to protect against lawsuits attempting to silence free speech, or ‘strategic lawsuits against public participation.'” Legislators hoped the law would weed out frivolous cases before defendants are forced to spend substantial sums of money on lawyers and other… Read More

Pseudo-historian David Barton now wants to persuade Americans that things were pretty good in the United States during the Civil War — arguable our nation’s most traumatic, divisive and certainly bloodiest war. From our friends at Right Wing Watch:

When David Barton appeared on Glenn Beck’s program to discuss the important of prayer and fasting, he displayed various prayer proclamations issued by the Founding Fathers before highlighting one issued by Abraham Lincoln that Barton claimed Lincoln released because he felt that America had “become so prosperous, so bountiful” that it had forgotten God and needed to be reminded to humble itself and be thankful for all God had given this nation, declaring that it showed that “Lincoln had great spiritual insight at a time when the nation really was doing well.”

Right Wing Watch includes a video clip from the Beck program. They also include this from President Lincoln’s 1861 proclamation:

And whereas, when our own beloved Country, once, by the blessing of God, united, prosperous and happy, is now afflicted with faction and civil war, it is peculiarly fit for us to recognize the hand of God in… Read More

So how extreme is David Barton? Here’s the religious right’s favorite phony historian (dark coat, red shirt) standing this week in support of Republican Senate nominee Todd Akin of Missouri, more than a month after Akin made his outrageous statement suggesting that only some rapes are legitimate. Barton, who heads the Texas-based organization WallBuilders, joined Phyllis Schlafly and other religious-right leaders at the event.

Barton endorsed Akin in this YouTube video posted in early August.

That video was posted before Akin’s “legitimate rape” statement, but Barton has actually tried to excuse Akin since then, calling the statement simply a “misstep”:

“(L)et’s not get distracted with this because what happened is liberals in the Republican party and liberals in Democrat party [sic] would love for people to focus on that misstep that Todd said and that way they don’t have to talk about the contrast between him and his opponent, Claire McCaskill.”

For Barton, a former vice chair of the Texas Republican Party, politics trumps decency.… Read More