David Barton Still Backs Todd ‘Legitimate Rape’ Akin in Missouri Senate Race

So how extreme is David Barton? Here’s the religious right’s favorite phony historian (dark coat, red shirt) standing this week in support of Republican Senate nominee Todd Akin of Missouri, more than a month after Akin made his outrageous statement suggesting that only some rapes are legitimate. Barton, who heads the Texas-based organization WallBuilders, joined Phyllis Schlafly and other religious-right leaders at the event.

Barton endorsed Akin in this YouTube video posted in early August.

That video was posted before Akin’s “legitimate rape” statement, but Barton has actually tried to excuse Akin since then, calling the statement simply a “misstep”:

“(L)et’s not get distracted with this because what happened is liberals in the Republican party and liberals in Democrat party [sic] would love for people to focus on that misstep that Todd said and that way they don’t have to talk about the contrast between him and his opponent, Claire McCaskill.”

For Barton, a former vice chair of the Texas Republican Party, politics trumps decency.

5 thoughts on “David Barton Still Backs Todd ‘Legitimate Rape’ Akin in Missouri Senate Race

  1. I am thrilled that Barton is supporting Akin. Now more people can be educated on just how inaccurate Barton is in his orating and writing. Additionally, how anyone could continue to support Akin is beyond any logic. He apologized for the way he made his statement. He has never denied having those feelings/beliefs. That he is on the Science Committee is merely indicative of the utterly incompetence of the people we elect to tell us what to do and run our lives. As a voter, I am appalled . As a woman who suffered molestation and rape, I am disgusted. Perhaps Barton and Akin could learn humanism and compassion by being wards of the state in a maximum security prison and become someone’s b*~%$.

  2. Generally, I try to use critical thinking skills to discuss items like this, but the cooperation between two horribly ignorant bigots is too much to ignore. Both “men” are misogynists, just like the “Apostle” Paul was. Like Paul, they are so afraid of women that they have to try to pretend that they have zero talent, zero brains and zero rights.

    Gee…Zero. That’s those two.

  3. We should all thank the great Mayan civilization of Mexico and Central America for giving us the correct number to use in rating them.

    “Ain’t it just like one of them thar Hispanic boys to turn on us by doing a thing like that. Next thing you know, they’ll be acomin’ after us with prime numbers.”

  4. Speaking of elections…and irony:

    You know that Republicans in Florida passed one of those really stringent voter ID laws to try to keep minorities, poor people, sick people, etc. from voting for Democrats in their state. The Republicans always denied that this was their purpose and stated that the real purpose was to protect against voter fraud Republicans. Now Florida Republicans have actually been hauled into federal court for a major voter fraud scandal of their own making in Florida. It sounds to me as if a certain well known political party is waxing desperate here in the final weeks of the campaign. It probably goes something like this:

    “Jed!!! The voter ID law is not workin’. I told you we should have done this thing in stereo!!! Now, let’s go ahead and do the other half by registering dead people to vote Republican.”

    You guys. You’re killing me. (Hilarious laughter).