David Barton Repeats Zombie Lie about President Obama and Thanksgiving

David Barton, the right-wing propagandist and phony historian from Texas, is repeating the same lie (told by him and others many times already) about President Obama supposedly ignoring God at Thanksgiving. Here is a Twitter post from Barton today:

“4th Straight Year: Obama Thanksgiving Resolution Doesn’t Thank God”

Barton, a former vice chairman of the Texas Republican Party who runs an organization (WallBuilders) that calls separation of church and state a “myth,” then links to this article from the right-wing LifeNews.com website, which declares:

“For the fourth straight year, the Thanksgiving resolution from President Barack Obama fails to actually thank God — which is the fundamental reason why Thanksgiving is observed.”

The article quotes from Thanksgiving proclamations by Presidents George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, both of which referred to God.

As we noted earlier this year, claims by Barton and others that President Obama has left God out of his Thanksgiving proclamations are simply untrue. First, the LifeNews.com article is referring to President Obama’s weekly Internet address, not his Thanksgiving proclamation. Second, as the article acknowledges, President Obama does refer to God in that address.

But more to the point, all four of President Obama’s official Thanksgiving proclamations express, in one form or another, thanks to God for our nation’s blessings. From President Obama’s proclamation this year:

“This day is a time to take stock of the fortune we have known and the kindnesses we have shared, grateful for the God-given bounty that enriches our lives.”

“Let us spend this day by lifting up those we love, mindful of the grace bestowed upon us by God and by all who have made our lives richer with their presence.”

From his 2011 proclamation:

“As we gather in our communities and in our homes, around the table or near the hearth, we give thanks to each other and to God for the many kindnesses and comforts that grace our lives.”

From his 2010 proclamation:

“As we stand at the close of one year and look to the promise of the next, we lift up our hearts in gratitude to God for our many blessings, for one another, and for our Nation.”

“As Americans gather for the time-honored Thanksgiving Day meal, let us rejoice in the abundance that graces our tables, in the simple gifts that mark our days, in the loved ones who enrich our lives, and in the gifts of a gracious God.”

From his 2009 proclamation:

“Today, we recall President George Washington, who proclaimed our first national day of public thanksgiving to be observed “by acknowledging with grateful hearts the many and signal favors of Almighty God,” and President Abraham Lincoln, who established our annual Thanksgiving Day to help mend a fractured Nation in the midst of civil war. We also recognize the contributions of Native Americans, who helped the early colonists survive their first harsh winter and continue to strengthen our Nation. From our earliest days of independence, and in times of tragedy and triumph, Americans have come together to celebrate Thanksgiving.

As Americans, we hail from every part of the world. While we observe traditions from every culture, Thanksgiving Day is a unique national tradition we all share. Its spirit binds us together as one people, each of us thankful for our common blessings.”

Barton has become the far right’s favorite pseudo-intellectual with nonsense like this. Most people who haven’t been drinking his Kool-Aid know he isn’t telling the truth. But we wonder when people who support Barton will finally realize he’s trying to manipulate them with the same ridiculous lies year after year.

12 thoughts on “David Barton Repeats Zombie Lie about President Obama and Thanksgiving

  1. You would think that Barton might start wising up on this sort of crap after all the trouble he got into this past summer.

    On another note, I have decided to start including a scripture of the day on a number of my future posts. Here is the scripture for the day:

    “As a dog returneth to his vomit, so a fool returneth to his folly.” (Proverbs 26:11)

  2. It’s so wrong that anyone has to bother to fact-check whether the president gives thanks to the correct deity. I should be the law that religion should be left out of all government matters.

  3. Barton lied? Well considering he is a professional liar that’s not exactly shocking. I serious doubt even he knows when he’s telling the truth, which isn’t very often from all appearances.

    But I do wonder what James Madison would think of Barton. Let me think here….okay on a scale of 1 to 10 probably about -934.

    “An alliance or coalition between Government and religion cannot be too carefully guarded against……Every new and successful example therefore of a perfect separation between ecclesiastical and civil matters is of importance……..religion and government will exist in greater purity, without rather than with the aid of government.” James Madison, 1822.

  4. If creationist Gov. Jindal and his fellow travelers of the Grand Old Panderers have their way, less “stupid” for (R) people will be bad for Barton’s book sales. After all, the country wasn’t founded on no darned book learning, by hecky!

  5. I’m surprised that anybody pays any attention at all to David Barton, since he lies so frequently. Oh, that’s right…this is Texas.

  6. Davids not ever very concerned with the truth or reality. Why start now?
    There are people who use their faith as a weapon to attack others as we all know.
    David has a particular angle to that. He just straight out lies. Its easier than doing your homework.

  7. Should the President, in his official capacity, be thanking God and telling the rest of us to do so? I don’t know.

    But does he? Emphatically, yes, over and over and over. People who will deny this will deny anything, no matter the evidence.