Pot, Meet the Kettle

Cathie Adams, president of the right-wing Texas Eagle Forum, is upset about a website attacking her favorite candidate in this year’s campaign in Texas for the U.S. Senate. Responding to a post about the anti-Ted Cruz website realtedcruz.com (created by Cruz opponent Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst’s campaign), Adams tweeted:

That is a SICK website. I DISLIKE political DISTORTIONS aimed at destroying the worthy credibility of candidates.

Really, Cathie?

Just a few days before that post, Adams tweeted a quote from a Fox News contributor declaring that “I think the president is dangerously close to totalitarianism.” Last week she tweeted this headline from a Phyllis Schlafly essay: “Obama Is a Big-Time Law Violator.” Cathie has also questioned President Obama’s Christian faith, attacked former Texas Gov. Ann Richards as an “anti-religious bigot” who wasn’t “ladylike,” compared President Obama to Adolf Hitler, and implied that Bill and Hillary Clinton were somehow involved in the murder of former aides and friends.

Now she’s upset with “political distortions aimed at destroying the worthy credibility of candidates”? Oh please. Cry us a river.

One thought on “Pot, Meet the Kettle

  1. Oddly enough, I got a survey call last night about the senate campaign. I really hadn’t been paying much attention about the primary race, but some of the questions got me curious.

    Some of the attack quotes targeting Ted Cruz has me a bit sympathetic, but after I looked him up… holy moley! No, please no!

    Looks like Tom Lepart might be the best choice, but I have a lot more reading to do.