Bigotry and Cathie Adams

It’s hard to know how long will it take for State Republican Executive Committee members to realize how foolish they were to appoint Cathie Adams as chair of the Texas GOP this past weekend. After all, SREC members won’t be able to say they are “surprised” when Ms. Adams takes another flying leap off the rhetorical crazy cliff. Her record of extremism and self-righteous personal attacks goes back well over a decade. For example, here’s her sneering take on Texas Gov. Ann Richards in 1994 (from a June 7, 1994, Houston Chronicle article):

“She’s an anti-religious bigot. . . .  How can people think she is Texas — down-home Ma Richards? I feel very insulted that she is representing me as a Texas woman. Most Texas women are ladylike and God-fearing. Ann Richards has none of those qualities.”

That kind of vile nonsense might seem unbelievable until you remember what she said about Barack Obama in an e-mail to her Texas Eagle Forum activists during last year’s presidential election:

“While many question Barak Hussein Obama’s ‘religion’ …, the more important question is whether he has a ‘relationship’ with Jesus Christ because that is the only HOPE that any of us have to obtain eternal life. I personally see NO evidence that Obama has that kind of ‘saving faith.'”

Religious-righters repeatedly complain that political opponents attack their faith. Yet Ms. Adams — perhaps the queen of the religious right in Texas — reveals the hypocrisy behind those absurd claims when she insultingly questions the personal faith of people whose politics she doesn’t share.

What did Ms. Adams know about Gov. Richards’ belief about God? What gives her the right to judge President Obama’s personal faith? The answer to both is “nothing.” So who’s the real bigot?

12 thoughts on “Bigotry and Cathie Adams

  1. TFN: So who’s the real bigot?

    Answer: Cathy Adams!

    Oooo! I got it right!

    It won’t take long for the State Republicans to be extremely embarrased over her. The newspapers will have a field day exposing her.

  2. I see no reason to think TX Republicans will ever be “embarrassed” by Cathie Adams. On the contrary, I think they are and always will be very proud of her.

  3. How can Cathie Adams abandon Eagle Forum’s heroic fight against same sex bathrooms and the ERA? And how can she hold authority of Republican men?

  4. Lady Against Women:

    I agree. It’s just not socially proper, and it is downright unBiblical for women to have authority over men in any capacity in our society. All of the sin and death that has encompassed our world since the beginning of time could have been avoided if women had had the capacity to do what they are told by the big man in charge. Same sex bathrooms? Outrageous!!! This has to be one of the greatest sins among us. Nearly every home in our fair country has samr sex bathrooms, and it is an abomination. Something must be done!!! I fail to see what ERA Realty has to do with this.

  5. ERA Realty encourages selling those houses with same-sex bathrooms! And many of those houses will have children present!!!

    Won’t somebody think of the children?

  6. And who is cooking Mr. Adams’ dinner while Cathie galavants across the state, possibly while wearing pantsuits?

  7. The Republican party of Texas will not be embarrassed, or they would be already. In order to be embarrassed you need a basic sense of decency and some level of dignity to compare her behavior with. Thus far history has provided no evidence of theses virtues existing in the Republican mind.

  8. Everybody else will be embarrassed for the Texas Republican Party. And they will lose what is left of their moderates. And the Party will shrink as the voices inside it become more shrill and extreme. And I am sure the shrill extremists will be very proud of her, Coragyps.

    The extremists will never be embarrased. They will just run everyone else off.

  9. Here is a great article on Cathie Adams.

    Dallas County GOP Chair Jonathan Neerman Says Selection of Cathie Adams as New State Chair “Set the Party Back Five Years”
    By Sam Merten in It’s Gettin’ All Political Up in This PieceTue., Oct. 27 2009 @ 3:30PM

    Dallas County GOP chair Jonathan Neerman says the party needs “serious leaders with serious ideas,” and Adams apparently doesn’t fit that description.

    Neerman says there’s “a crisis of confidence” in the state party, claiming elected officials don’t feel like the party has been there for them or has been working for them to win elections. “You’ve seen the state party take positions on issues where there’s no uniform agreement amongst Republican elected officials. So what they’ve done instead of trying to grow the party is formed a circular firing squad to go after Republicans.”

  10. I only regret that Ann Richards is not around to respond to Ms. Adams. Ann Richards was a true Texas lady– tough, outspoken, independent and smart.She could tell you to go to hell and make you look forward to the trip. Adams would be no match for her.

  11. PHarvey:

    All Republicans that do not adhere fully to the one true ideology must be purged. Sounds like the Soviet Union in 1925 to me—or maybe 1984. Of course, I am a Democrat, but I wouldn’t have any problem voting for a sensible Republican like you PH. Sometimes—on some days—the business of America really is business, to quote Mr. Coolidge.