Cathie Adams on the Clintons

Next in our series on Cathie Adams, the new chair of the Texas Republican Party: her almost unhinged hatred for former President Bill Clinton and his wife, current Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Far-right politicians, commentators and activists have targeted the Clintons with venomous attacks over the years. Adams has been no exception. She has even implied that the Clintons were somehow involved in the murder of former aides, particularly Vince Foster (whose death in 1993 was ruled a suicide by multiple authorities).

“(T)he investigation of his [Foster’s] ‘suicide’ being handed to the Park Service instead of the FBI only seemed to confirm that the White House meant to limit the scope of the investigation. Interesting, isn’t it, that the Travel Office investigation of trumped-up charges was given to the FBI, but the ‘suicide’ of one of the highest officials in the White House [Vince Foster] was given to the Park Service?”

— October 1996 letter to Texas Eagle Forum activists

“…the numerous friends of the Clintons who have committed ‘suicide’ …”

–December 1997 letter to TEF activists, in a reference in which Adams’ again revealed her apparent suspicions that the Clintons were somehow complicit in murder

“Author Aldrich shares graphic details of the Christmas decorations at the White House including crack pipes hung on a string, bird features used to hold marijuana joints and ‘two turtle doves, joined together in an act of bird fornication.’ Equally disgusting, Mrs. Clinton deleted spouses from the invitation-only staff Christmas party. Such hypocrisy exposes Hillary’s hostility toward families!”

— October 1996 letter to TEF activists

“This pilot program raises questions about what kinds of ‘voluntarism,’ a.k.a. cheap labor by indentured servants, will be sanctioned by the federal government. The Dallas program fits the definition of socialism, a system of social organization, in which the means of production and distribution of goods are owned and controlled by the government.”

— “Promoting Voluntarism or Creating an Expensive Jobs Program? Clinton’s National Service Trust Act,” Torch (TEF’s newsletter), September 1993

6 thoughts on “Cathie Adams on the Clintons

  1. You keep citing quotations from 1993, 2000, 1997,1996. Don’t you have anything current. In all fairness, She may have been in therapy since then and on medication to help her.

    1. When Adams was named Texas GOP chair last month, we put up a couple of posts with more recent crazy comments from her. See here and here. She hasn’t mellowed over time.

  2. “I’m a whacky doodle dandy,
    whacky doodle do or die …”

    “The secret service killed the White House plumber to cover up his discovery of pipe cracks…”