Even Don McLeroy Gives a ‘Thumbs Up’ to TFN Education Fund’s Report on Bible Classes

by Dan Quinn

Fort Worth Star-Telegram columnist Bud Kennedy has an interesting Twitter post:


“Ex-SBOE Chair @DonMcLeroy likes @TFN’s report on preachy Bible lessons: “I agree. That shouldn’t be in  public schools.”

Well, good for Don. Maybe he can help persuade fellow creationists who sit on the state board now that they should adopt real curriculum standards that take a study of the Bible’s influence in history and literature seriously. Back in 2008 the state board threw school districts under the bus by adopting such overly broad and vague standards that they offered almost no help at all in creating good courses. So it shouldn’t be surprising that public schools today are teaching nonsense about the Bible that racists and anti-Semites have used for centuries to justify their bigotry.

The TFN Education Fund’s report includes many other examples of serious flaws in Texas public school Bible courses. You can read a short overview of the report here. The new report is available here. Our previous reports on public school Bible classes are here and here.