David Barton: Hey, I Was Just 'Passing on Information'!

David Barton must be getting some heat after comparing President Obama to Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin in a Twitter post yesterday. In fact, he made the same comparison in a post on his David Barton/WallBuilders Facebook page:

“The men who support your right to bear arms: Washington, Madison, Jefferson, Hamilton- Those who do not: Hitler, Stalin, Castro, Obama”

Barton (or one of his staffers) followed up later with a Facebook post claiming that he had “simply been passing on information”:


“The post earlier about leaders who support and oppose the right to bear arms was supposed to include a picture; it is now attached. We were simply passing on information someone had shared with us; this was not a quote from David. Sorry for any confusion!”

Oh, we see. Barton wasn’t saying the president of the United States is just like some of history’s worse criminals and mass murderers. No, the former vice chairman of the Texas Republican Party and self-proclaimed “historian” was just repeating what someone else said. Well, golly, that changes everything, doesn’t it? And they helpfully include an image that broadens the comparison — President Obama is just like Lenin and Idi Amin, too!

As we said on Thursday: despicable.

10 thoughts on “David Barton: Hey, I Was Just 'Passing on Information'!

  1. Has anyone asked Barton’s folks for the source of the image he just “passed along?”

    Barton’s folks, of course, lacked the decency to provide attribution for this “passed along” image.

    Since they don’t seem to have done so, we can do nothing but assume it’s theirs.

    Or, that it’s out-and-out plagiarism.

  2. Yeah Barton, you were “just passing it on.” You were just passing on a bunch of lame, BS talking points.

    It is about the same as me eating a hamburger, and then passing it on to you -the material you “passed on” would be of the same quality.

    1. Talking points he didn’t check the historical accuracy on. (Yes, Idi Amin was despicable, but gun control? From what I can tell he at most continued the pre-existing policies of Milton Obote.)

  3. Can we start a campaign to get Jon Stewart to correct the wrong he did by giving this liar, Barton, a forum on his show twice. Stewart was unprepared for him and let Barton feed his bs to his viewers.

  4. Barton is lying, but he may not know it. That’s because he’s a serial liar, he lies every day of his worthless life, and he likely has no ability any longer to even know when he is lying.

    David Barton is an enemy of America. He should be arrested and put on trial for treason for his non-stop attempts to undermine the Constitution.

  5. We should start a meme “David Barton is such a liar that …”

    … his own publisher pulled his book.

    … his dog does a fact check when Barton shouts “Dinner time!”

    … the brakes in his car display a message “Are you sure?”

    … when he orders a beer in a bar the bartender asks for it in writing.

    … when he prays he has to say “Amen. No, really, I mean it. Seriously. Amen. OK, here it is in writing.”

    … he has to wipe his ass twice, one of which is notarized.

    1. Bill…you owe me a new screen! That bit about his wiping paper needs to be notarized made me spray coffee all over the place!

      WHY, I wonder do we pay attention to that poor disabled individual. He became disabled when he gave a piece of his mind to someone but gave 3/4 of his brain instead.

      Xians (as opposed to mainstream Christians) swallow his nonsense whole. That is because THEY have given someone a piece of THEIR minds!

      The bigotry and hatred Barfton spews is amazing; if he is a historian, I am an astronaut and I’m sure as the dickens not one.

      I can’t help wondering why he “passes” along information that he does not endorse. Barfton actually DOES endorse that view.

  6. And there’s Alexander Hamilton, supporting the right to bear arms — yeah, that worked really well for Hamilton.

  7. Frankly the thought of David Barton mouthing off to anyone about the President is ludicrous. The fact is that David Barton is a prevaricator of the highest order and breaks the 9th commandment frequently if not all of the time. What is even more amazing is the fact that David Barton is given a pass by the very people who should be holding him to a higher standard than that of any non-Christian in the U.S. His is one of the worst cases of prevarication disease that I have ever seen and though there is only one cure, I do believe that David Barton will never avail himself of the cure. We can though hope for a day when people all over this vast nation will hold the revisionists of the fundamentalist Christian faith to a higher standard then they do today.