Texas Eagle Forum's Cathie Adams Hurls Nasty Insults at Senator Filibustering Extreme Abortion Bill

State Sen. Wendy Davis, D-Fort Worth, just began her filibuster to stop legislation that intrudes on the private medical decisions women make in consultation with their own doctors. And Texas Eagle Forum President Cathie Adams can’t resist responding with nasty insults on her Twitter account. Adams has already called the senator “whining Wendy” twice and claims Sen. Davis seeks to “justify killing innocent human lives.”


Adams’ insults follow similar nasty tweets from her yesterday.

Sen. Davis is trying to kill extreme anti-abortion legislation under consideration today in the Senate. If you can’t make it to the Capitol today to support her efforts to keep intrusive government and politicians out of women’s private lives, you can watch Sen. Davis’ filibuster on the Texas Legislature’s website here.

12 thoughts on “Texas Eagle Forum's Cathie Adams Hurls Nasty Insults at Senator Filibustering Extreme Abortion Bill

  1. Cathie Adams is the one who could “prove” Grover Norquist was a muslim because he has a beard. Geesh. Someone should tell her to take her meds and get a grip.

  2. Why has the Texas Senate turned off the volume on the filibuster video feed?

    10:40 p.m. EDT

  3. The past 72 hours have seen crushing blows to the Religious Right and the uniquely American Christian fundamentalist religion that was first established in the United States in the early 2oth century. Let us enumerate:

    1) The abortion bill in Texas failed. Now, I have to tell you folks, I am not a big fan of abortions and would like to find a win-win way of eliminating them. However, that is not the point here. The point here is that the Religious Right in Texas just got a knife in its ribs last night, but I wonder if it was an intentional, self-inflicted wound. Why did Perry add abortion to the agenda at the last minute when 30 days would have easily done the trick, and why did the Pro-Life Team fail to score a winning touchdown when they had the ball 1 yard from the goal line and time still left on the clock. Failed to sign a piece of paper? Yeah? Right? What if Governor Perry planned the outcome you saw last night so high-up Texas Republican Party officials could stick it to the rhubarbs, get them angry, and by doing so assure that they show up to vote Republican in 2014. When will the Religious Right and its clergy wake up to the FACT that the Republican Party cares absolutely nothing about aborted babies and everything about getting votes from the common rhubarbs they probably make quiet jokes about at Texas political cocktail parties. Wake up!!!

    2) The gay marriage vote in the U.S. Supreme Court was stunning today. I have no really big persional rod in that fire either, but I was glad to see it happen simply because the Religious Right has been so obnoxious and heartless about the subject for so long. They really did demonstrate in spades how a set of religious beliefs could be molded into an instrument of hatred and an instrument of death for school children when Jesus tells us to “do unto others as we would have them do unto us” and to “love our neighbors as ourselves.” Their incessant obnoxiousness turned me off, and I believe it went a long ways toward turning off the American people. Jesus says that you reap what you sow, and the Religious Right got the well-deserved harvest that it had planted. Oh!!! By the way, when they were busy stacking the U.S. Supreme Court with what they thought were conservative ventriloquist’s dummies, none of them seemed to notice that they were all Roman Catholics. Despite what Cardinal Doland said today, the love and mercy of Jesus have always been really big in that church. It looks as if the members of the high court remembered their Sunday school lessons from childhood and decided to show some love and mercy towards LGBT people today.

    3) The voting down of the key provisions in the Voting Rights Act was unwise, but it will surely come back to haunt the Religious Right and bite them on the behind. As crooked politicians throughout the south and in other areas of the country take both subtle and draconian measures to prevent minority people, old people, sick people, and homeless people from voting for Democrats and wise Independents, the leaders of the Religious Right will be standing right beside these crooked politicians yelling, “Attaboy!!! Go get’em.” Is it not amazing what some white men who have become bored with Jesus will do to get stroked and rewarded by crooked, bigoted politicians in the Republican Party? I have to tell you honestly folks. Whenever I drive by a Southern Baptist Convention church or a Christian fundamentalist church, the cross and Jesus do not reach out to me from those places and touch my heart. All I can see anymore are the letters “G-O-P.” They can now put writing under it that says “Oppressor of the Least of These.” Now, I have to tell you, it has become a damned shame when that is the best a church can do to touch its public—and the public is waking up to that sad fact. The voting rights ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court was a major defeat for the Religious Right, and history will show that to be the case.

    The Christian fundamentalists of the early 20th century felt that they owned the United States and somehow had the right to use their belief system to run not only their own lives—but the lives of all other Americans. Throughout the 20th century, history has pretty much proven that they have lost that grip and are continuing to lose what little of it is left, despite their parareligious organizations, loud mouth personalities, media outlets, and Fox News. If they were still hanging on by just one arm and one hand up until the last 72 hours, the ensuing 72 hours saw three fingers chopped off that last hand, and I have a message for them, one I have heard a number of times from old-age Christian fundamentalist women who feared the past 72 hours might one day come—and they said that if it ever did come—-then:

    “ALL IS LOST.”

    “ALL IS LOST.”


    (That’s an exact quote.)