Oppose SB5? You're a Terrorist, Says Rep. Zedler

As we write this there is mass confusion surrounding the fate of Senate Bill 5, the restrictive anti-choice measure the far right was pushing at the Texas Legislature and that state Sen. Wendy Davis, D-Ft. Worth, was trying to stop with a 13-hour filibuster that made nationwide headlines.

But what we are certain about right now is that state Rep. Bill Zedler, R-Arlington, doesn’t understand science or, as we learned tonight, that words have meaning.

Here’s Rep. Zedler’s reaction to the pro-choice activists loudly protesting at the Capitol late Tuesday/early Wednesday:

12 thoughts on “Oppose SB5? You're a Terrorist, Says Rep. Zedler

  1. What will be overturned? The Teahadists who are wasting taxpayer money with special sessions to impose their narrow minded agenda on the State are relentless. Thank God for Sen Wendy Davis.

  2. Sour grapes comments from the legislator aside, wasn’t that a fascinating exercise in legislating and particularly in parliamentary procedures! The audience did alter the outcome of yesterday’s Senate session because without their vocal expression that slowed down the event as it played out,, the anti – abortion bill would have passed in the waning minutes of the session.

  3. They talk about the TALIBHAN as terrorists — that they impose THEIR will on their people. They say Saddham Hussein was a TERRORIST, because he imposed his will upon the people of Iraq. What do we call Texas Legislators and Senators imposing THEIR will upon the citizens of the great state of Texas in which I reside?????

  4. Wendy Davis is a hero, not a terrorist, and Zedler is a moron. For his next job, he’ll be asking ‘do you want fries wit that?’

  5. I watched the Senate live video on and off during the day and for the last three hours. I was truly inspired by the dedication and courage of Sen. Wendy Davis. Don’t you admire how the other Democratic senators helped her during her filibuster, and how the Democrats in the gallery helped during the last 15 minutes to defeat that noxious bill? Everyone who was there will remember this day for the rest of their lives. Even if was just for one bill on one day, the PEOPLE defeated the self-appointed “moral” authoritarians who use their public office to force their private sectarian ideology on the rest of us, and unethically manipulate the rules to try to do so. And the Republicans claim they support freedom and liberty. That’s BS! Shame on them.

  6. Sen. Davis was and is the kind of opposition legislator that should be promoted to higher office. Republican Representative Zedler. should be excoriated not only for his inability to see that his position on abortion is wrpngheaded but he seems to want to shape reality to his liking. The Christian “dominionists” want temporal power while proclaiming their love of the Constitution. This is nothing more than a power grab of the authoritarian kind, the kind where the power hungry majority deny the minority a voice and the idea of equality is a distant memory.