Texas RR Leader Smears Activists as 'Stinky Stalking Feminists' and 'Feminazis'

In case you didn’t see them in our previous post, check out these sneering tweets this afternoon from Texas Eagle Forum President Cathie Adams. Adams is referring to the orange-clad activists who have swarmed the Texas Capitol over the past two days in opposition to legislation interfering in the private medical decisions women make about when or whether to have children. Adams refers to those activists as “stinky stalking feminists” and “feminazis.” But she isn’t the only religious-righter who has resorted to degrading rhetoric over the past couple of days. Last night state Rep. Debbie Riddle, R-Houston, called opponents of the proposed anti-abortion bills “pro-death” and suggested that they are worse than Nazis who murdered Jews.




22 thoughts on “Texas RR Leader Smears Activists as 'Stinky Stalking Feminists' and 'Feminazis'

  1. if they’re resorting to name calling, that means they have no other information based in fact to fight with. Keep it classy, Texas Conservatives!

  2. Have any of you noticed that the favorite names of the right wingers to call people are idiot, ignorant, crazy and there is one more but I can’t remember it off the top of my head.

  3. Now, you see.

    This is what I don’t understand. Samuel Adams and I are natural-born propagandists. God made us to do this sort of thing. Those tweets above. Some people should get out of the propaganda business if that is the best they can do. Good propaganda is based on wise use of the truth. You don’t just go out and say a bunch of really weird stuff that makes people go, “What in the ____ is she saying? That sounds really corny and absurd.” Just sayin’.

  4. “Femnazis”…? Jeeze, these idiots need to turn off the drug addict known as “Rush” and raise their IQ’s… The KKK mentality is being mainstreamed in the GOP.

  5. I am a grandma who is proud to be a feminist and I do take a shower everyday.Oh- I am also a nurse who believes in science and safe healthcare for women in our state.What is with the “stalking” comment? we have a right to be at our!! capitol and part of the democratic process.Sad these people are so intolerant of others and also have their heads in the sand.

  6. Can anyone censor Rep Debbie Riddle (R-Tomball)? I doubt all the people in her district appreciate the nasty comments she is making about other women, very disturbing

  7. You are not pro life you are pro birth. If you were pro life you would care what happens after the child is born. You would not vote against health care, child care, support for mothers to care for the child.
    It does not matter to you that the child dies after birth that seems not to bother you.

  8. Interesting ‘projection’ on her part, when reality shows that it is actually her and her ilk that continue to stalk women and their uterus, trying constantly to impose their own screwed up beliefs and control onto total strangers.

    This doesn’t even address the juvenile tone of her pathetic crap.

  9. Oh, how much fun!

    Liberals, let’s get stinky and go “stalk” Cathie at the capital today!
    It’s called ‘Liberal Arts’ because there is no art in political conservatism.

  10. Seriously, this type of rhetoric keeps reasonable people from moving to Texas, remaining here, or even considering a visit from other parts of the country. I know of several cases of this. It makes this whole, diverse and certainly NOT politically monolithic state come off as loony and intolerant. In the name of jobs and economic development, what CAN the RR be thinking?

  11. I just wonder (and fear) what Perry and his cohorts have planned for the next “emergency” lege session he called as soon as Wendy Davis successfully filibustered away that awful bill. You KNOW they are gonna pack the statehouse with hoards of rabid Christians bearing their grimy plastic fetuses. Where were those Christians with the State of Texas took the 500th life by execution? Right, a convicted criminal isn’t as cute as a fetus…