Texas Attorney General, Baylor President Help Group That Says Obama 'Anti-Christian', Compares Democratic Leaders to Nazis, Calls Houston Mayor a 'Sodomite'

No one could doubt that Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott and Baylor University President Ken Starr are social conservatives. But do those two honestly think it’s a good thing to associate themselves with — and even aid — people who call the president of the United States “anti-Christian” and compare him and Democratic leaders to Nazis? Who call the mayor of Houston a “sodomite”? Who suggest Muslim Americans aren’t loyal citizens and praise someone with a history of making anti-Catholic and anti-Semitic smears? Who question — in truly vicious language — the religious faith of fellow pastors if they disagree on issues?

Yet Abbott and Starr are supporting people who say such things next month in Houston. The Houston Area Pastor Council/Texas Pastor Council plans to present Abbott with a “Faithful Citizenship Award” at a major fundraiser for the group on March 22. Starr will be the featured speaker at the same event.

Now, you might think a group that goes by the name “Pastor Council” offers a relatively benign venue for an ambitious politician and the head of a prominent Baptist university. But the group’s executive director, Dave Welch, is notorious for the deeply divisive and downright hateful rhetoric he employs in pursuit of his group’s political agenda. A few examples:

Abbott and Starr are free to associate with whomever they please, of course. But by participating in the the Pastor Council’s benefit, they appear to be endorsing the slime, viciousness and bigotry promoted by some of their hosts. Shame on them.

8 thoughts on “Texas Attorney General, Baylor President Help Group That Says Obama 'Anti-Christian', Compares Democratic Leaders to Nazis, Calls Houston Mayor a 'Sodomite'

  1. These men are no more Christian than Attilla the Hun. The “Christianity” they espouse would have put them squarely in the group that was stoning Jesus on His way to the cross. They hate all those who disagree with them. They manufacture crises of religion on an ongoing basis, trying to make themselves martyrs. (I would love to help them reach that goal, but it is against the law.)

  2. Sponsored by Jack and Doty Thompkins – owner of Fit Athletics, Inc. in Houston which is full of gay customers handing over their money to a right wing homophobe that sponsors this event.

  3. I am trying to figure out something here??? If I recall correctly, the mayor of Houston is a gay woman. Gay women do not “do it” by sticking their penises (which they do not have) into the butthole of their partner—at least last time I heard. So, if you are a gay woman who is not doing the penis-butthole thing, you are not meeting the official definition of sodomite? So, how does that make you a sodomite?

    This is giving me a headache.

  4. Charles – has there ever been such a thing as a “gemorraite?” Maybe that’s the word Welch was looking for……

    I share your headache.

  5. My head is pounding too. How they can misuse the word Christian the way they do is beyond my capability to understand.

    I am not a Christian, but I’ve read the stories about Jesus and he said that you would know his followers by their love, not their unmitigated hatred.

    I am so THRILLED that I do not have anything to do with “Christians” who talk the way they do, they call the president a non-Christian because they disagree with his politics?

    And that Gomer, Gomert, whatever the heck his name is, WHY do people vote for the guy? I give away copies of the Constitution of the United States…that moron does not know that the CONSTITUTION is the supreme law of America? Is he a Muslim? No, even Muslims know that we’re covered by the Constitution, they’re not crazy.

    BTW. Jesus said that you would tell his followers by their LOVE, not by their hate. Also, the Jews had zilch to do with his death, the ROMANS wanted Jesus dead because his buds kept calling him the King of the Jews; the Romans considered that to be sedition because Cesar was the King. Anyone else who claimed to be King was a criminal.

    The Sanhedrin (the Jewish high court) consisted of religious Jews. What DAY was it? Passover. What do religious Jews do on Passover? They CELEBRATE the holiday that recalls their being set free from Egypt…they are HOME, they are not meeting to condemn anyone.

    The religion of Christianity was started by Paul, not Jesus. Jesus was a JEW, not a Christian. People who call themselves Christians would do well to look into the history of their religion.

    Methinks that with people like Gohmert and so-called Christian bigots (not all Christians, just the bigots) I’m seriously thinking of packing up and getting the dickens out of Texas. Maybe someplace safe like Afghanistan .

  6. Reading these vile, devisive, stupid (not ignorant) arguments don’t hurt my head. It makes my blood boil. I believe in God. However, there is no way I will participate in any organized religion, and these people are why. I know many religiously devout Christians, Jews, etc. However, too many ppl adopt and agree with this crap. Using the logic that our President is not a Christian works against these heritics as well. How do we know any of them are Christians? They say they are, they claim to be in church on Sunday mornings. But that proves nothing to me.

    Additionally, I am an alumni of Baylor Law School. And, I’m proud to be so. However, I find it abhorrent that Kent Starr has opted to align himself with any group with radical, racial, anti-women ideations. It is not merely a blemish on the college. It sets it’s reputation back decades and flies in the face of those who have diligently worked to bring this university and the law school into the 21st century. He may be the president of the university. However, he in no way is representative of the alumnus.

    As abhorrent as Starr’s actions are, Greg Abbott’s involvement should frighten Texas citizens. With the power he wields, we should be very, very afraid.

    Finally, regarding sodomy, The United Supreme Court struck down Texas’ sodomy law in 2003 as unconstitutional. But, with the current make up of the court, and a demanding public who gets their news, and are readily led by the nose by information on Fox News, we are not out of the weeds. My only hope is that individuals take back their responsibility to think for themselves and that many of the grassroot organizations can have a louder voice.

  7. After reading some of theses stories on this website I have come to the conclusion that you have more than your fair share of wingnuts in Texas.

  8. Well,I guess a new sodomy law would give ultra-conservative Texans legal control of every asshole in Texas. As the old saying goes, “it takes one to know one.”