A Shrill Voice of Bigotry

One of the shrillest voices of religious bigotry in Texas, Dave Welch of a far-right group called Texas Pastors Council, is trumpeting yesterday’s approval of a State Board of Education resolution attacking Islam (a resolution suggesting that wealthy Muslims are investing in publishing companies so they can take over the minds of American schoolchildren). In a post on the conspiracy-peddling website WorldNetDaily, Welch repeats his insulting claim during the state board debate yesterday that he speaks for “real pastors.” And he specifically attacks clergy who are standing up to bigotry in Texas:

“Once again, my guns are aimed at the pathetic preachers, pitiful pastors and compromised clergy that TFN, AU, ACLU and their ilk trot out as props for their leftist agendas. They disgust me. Their list of ‘nearly 100 religious leaders from Christian, Jewish and Muslim faiths’ who signed a letter opposing the resolution represents a tiny cadre of liberals who have all rejected the fundamentals of their own faiths. . . . It was my joy to testify at the hearing and represent the hundreds of ‘real’ pastors around this state we speak for as well as all those who share our values but have not yet suited up for the game.”

In some ways it’s refreshing to see religious-right leaders like Welch openly embrace their bigotry rather than insult the intelligence of everyone else by denying the prejudice evident in so much of their vicious rhetoric. Welch’s inflammatory words simply make clear the religious right’s contempt for people of faith who don’t share the movement’s radical, intolerant and divisive political agenda for America.

One thought on “A Shrill Voice of Bigotry

  1. Dave Welch said:

    “However, the government still controls the education of most of the nation’s children, and the religious and anti-religious secularists are not going away.”

    Wow!! Out of that whole WorldNetDaily article, Dave Welch got that much right. That is correct Dave. In fact, we are going to get much louder and stronger—and that is going to start on November 2, 2010. Please notice two things:

    1) The GOP Pledge to America basically left the Religious Right and people like you out of their plans. Why is that? I can tell you why. The traditional leadership of the Republican Party has always thought your political agenda was lunacy. They just pretended to be your friends so they could steal your votes and give you nothing in return for them. It is a well-known fact that these Republicans make fun of you and tell horrible jokes about religious leaders like you and your followers/congregations at Washington, D.C. cocktail parties—where lots of alcohol is being served. What does a conservative Republican do when his daughter gets pregnant? That’s right, just like George H.W. Bush and Barbara in the famous TV interview, they dash as fast as they can to the closest abortion clinic. I saw that interview the night it first aired.

    They are still lying to you Dave. They still want your votes, but they have no intention of EVER actually giving people like you anything you want because they know you are nuts and that your demands for our country are nuts. Now, think about that Dave.

    Think of all the hollow and unfulfilled Republican promises of the past. These Republicans drink alcohol like it was spring water. Yet, you think they are somehow one of your religious group? Most of them are members of what people like you refer to as non-Bible-believing churches. Many have probably not seen the inside of a church in many years. Many are probably nonbelievers in one form or another, if you get right down to it. Their god is not the God of Abraham. Their god is the grabbing and wielding of power in this world. And look at their friends. Who are they? They are the heads of the Wall Street investment firms, banks, and corporations that we bailed out. I dare say many of these friends were the executives to whom we ordinary people paid huge bonuses with our hard-earned tax dollars. Do you seriously think Jesus is the God of these people? Most of these people only have one god that they truly worship—money and material things. They lie, cheat, steal, and fly to Argentina to meet their secret mistresses while their wife of 30 years sits home crying. They play “footsie” with men in toilets—and do all of this just as easily as any Democrat. Yet, your side allies with these sinners and says, “These are my own people.”

    Now, they are getting ready to turn on you Dave. The Tea Party and Religious Right have become a liability to the Republican Party. You are keeping their hand-picked people from getting elected. Historically, Republicans have hand-picked the people they want to run in an election and win—usually in rooms with plenty of cigars and whiskey. You and the Tea Party are getting in their way. They realize that they cannot allow themselves to ever be put into a position where people like you could actually control the GOP. They cannot allow the GOP to ever give in to your nutball demands because they know it would ruin our country. Therefore, the only real option left is to distance themselves from you and let you die on the vine, hoping that many of you will still be stupid enough to vote for them in the next election.

    2) Despite what you might think, I firmly believe that November 2, 2010, is the beginning of the end for the Tea Party, Religious Right, and their nutty Republican supporters such as Michele Bachman and Sarah Palin. How could that possibly be? When all your buddies get elected, they are going to show the American people just how nutty and extreme you people really are. You will literally hang yourselves with your own extremist ropes. Our liberal media will slice, dice, and shred you until there is nothing left but microscopic pieces. The American people will be horrified and boot your people out of office just as quickly as you were booted in—except with devastating and lasting consequences. If you doubt me, all you have to do is look at the sadly developing case of Christine O’Donnell. She is the caged yellow canary in your Religious Right/Tea Party coal mine. All you have to do is watch what happens to her to get a glimpse of your own future.

    And really Dave, if you think about it, how could it go any other way? Many members of your own so-called Bible-believing churches vote for Democrats, Independents, Libertarians, etc. on the sly. Many of your congregants have alcohol stored away on a secret cabinet shelf in their homes—and sip it. Are you really stupid enough to think that your religious agenda will gain acceptance among the general population here in the United States? When I attended a Christian fundamentalist church back in the 1980s, I went out with the Wednesday night witnessing groups door-to-door through residential neighborhoods. It seemed to me that four out of every five doors were slammed in our faces, often accompanied by obscenities shouted at us as we proceeded down the sidewalk. Do you think really think this “Billy Beer” society of nonbelievers and drunk rednecks with guns is going to tolerate your vision of a Christian fundamentalist-infused federal government? If you do, then you are just plain—well—nuts.