More Gay-Bashing from the Religious Right

The US Pastor Council/Texas Pastor Council, which lately has been wading into the waters of electoral politics in Texas, again demonstrates that gay-bashing is one of the religious right’s prominent political weapons. This weekend the Houston-based group sent out a press release attacking Houston city officials for participating in a gay pride event. The group claims that official participation in the event put “the stamp of approval on pedophilia and myriad other sexual disorders.”

The Pastor Council’s grand pooh-bah, Dave Welch, thundered thusly:

“This event promotes and glorifies sexual deviancy that most people find immoral as well as destructive to family and marriage. . . . We will be initiating an open records request to see if one dime of taxpayers’ money was used.  We will also certainly communicate to our congregants which of those elected to serve the people chose instead to bow to a narrow and morally depraved special interest group.”

The Pastor Council, which also attacked various corporate sponsors of the event, hasn’t been very subtle about its support for Texas Gov. Rick Perry‘s re-election bid next year. And of course, Gov. Perry has scored fairly high in the past on the sneer-o-meter when it comes to gays and lesbians. With the governor charging hard to the right to lock up his base in the Republican primary, don’t be surprised if you see more gay-baiting in coming months.

6 thoughts on “More Gay-Bashing from the Religious Right

  1. I’ll be crossing party lines just to make sure that cretin Perry isn’t re-elected. Sure K isn’t exactly at the forefront of gay rights, but at least she doesn’t even make us feel like we’re not ‘real Texans’ like everyone else in the state.

  2. Robert, I’m sorry you have to put up with the sort of foolishness these wingnuts froth about. You have more support than you know.

  3. It put the stamp of approval on pedophilia? I hate to break this to them, but pedophilia isn’t limited to just men and boys. Girls are victims, too. It also has nothing to do with homosexuality.

  4. The good news is that the further to the right they go, the futher away from the middle they get, the more people they alienate, and the smaller the Republican party gets.

    They will lose their power. It’s just a matter of time.

  5. “We will be initiating an open records request to see if one dime of taxpayers’ money was used.” Before you howl too loudly about tax payer dollars, just remember all those “morally deviants” are ALSO TAXPAYERS! So make sure whose tax dime is being spent on what before you made a statement regarding use of taxpayer money for any event. I’ll speak for my own TAXPAYER DIME!

  6. Its scary that my own home state hates my kind so much… its scary to think that i might go to college there. i hope things improve for the better. till then im staying in my closet and barring it shut.