The Future We Want (Part II)

This is a series of blogs in which Texans of faith, color, and LGBTQIA+ Texans add their voices to the conversation. This is the future they want in their own words.  […]

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Texans Taking Care of Texans: Meet This Quarter’s Super Volunteers

TFN has always fought for Texas school children at the SBOE. But our work would be impossible without the dedication of volunteers who sign up to testify, recruit others to testify, organize at local school board levels, and respond to our various calls to action. While our fight at the SBOE is far from over, we recently sat down with two super volunteers for a brief chat. This is the first installment of a running series.  […]

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Meet Shan Schaffer, TFN’s Just Texas Faith Organizer Harnessing the Strengths of our Faith Communities for a Better, Fairer Texas

In national and state politics, religion has increasingly become an oppressive tool in the hands of some politicians. Sacred texts have been misinterpreted or fabricated to deny LGBTQ and pregnant people their bodily rights. We’ve also seen a wave of religious doctrine misapplied to reframe public education policies in ways that serve no one but these bad actors. These actions are why it became urgent and necessary to counter that narrative with our Just Texas project, an assembly of faith communities committed to using their faith to fight for justice and truth. In this interview, Shan Schaffer, our new Just Texas Faith Organizer, discusses why this work matters and why all people of faith in Texas should join the effort.  […]

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