Appalling Arrogance

Need any more evidence that Gov. Rick Perry’s August 6 prayer event in Houston really isn’t intended to unite Americans in support of our nation? Dave Welch of the far-right Texas Pastor Council sent out a militant email on Monday insisting that the event be for Christians only. Welch dishonestly characterizes the alternative as a “polytheistic approach and … interfaith event that requires Christians to squelch the mention of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.”

If that isn’t incendiary enough, Welch also defends the governor’s decision to ask a hate group, the American Family Association, to organize the event.

And if you don’t agree with Welch? Well, then this is what he thinks of you:

“The bottom line is that the only winners if Christians don’t pack out Reliant Stadium on August 6 will be enemies of Christ; those who espouse the liberal and unconstitutional view of separation of God and government and their allies.”

The real bottom line is that the religious right is not just willing to use faith as a divisive political weapon. Its leaders also have no problem attacking the faith of anyone who disagrees with them.

3 thoughts on “Appalling Arrogance

  1. We should also make it clear that the “enemies of Christ” of which Dave Welch speaks includes most of Christendom around the world. In other words, anyone who has not been totally blinded by Satan (like him) cannot possibly be a Christian—though they might claim to be. So I figure it like this, if you are a Texas Catholic or moderate Baptist, you ain’t welcome at the big rally because you are part of the “enemy of Christ” problem rather than part of the solution.

    I would have to ask Governor Perry a related question if he is serious about running for President. Do you really want to piss off the 3,975,000 Catholics in Texas? Yes, there are that many. This bunch of backwoods preachers you are cozying up to hates all 3,975,000 of them and definitely believes they are the “enemies of Christ” You also need to remember basic the precepts of Politics 101: Money is Power. The Catholic Archdiocese of Boston alone, just that one moderate sized city, has liquid assets of $635,891,004. Can you really afford to run around the United States saying, “Elect me as your President” while pissing off that kind of money (with people like Dave Welch) at every turn.

    I don’t think so.

  2. First, about Beck. Abler said the program is modeled after vacation Bible schools hosted by many mainline churches, and are different from the Utoya camp because they aren’t affiliated with a political party. Instead of teaching the Bible, the estimated 130 liberty school programs teach children about politics from Beck’s perspective. The camps are independently run, but Abler said she has written a curriculum that she shares with other schools.
    Abler said the program does no harm and teaches the children who attend about history, freedom and civic responsibility. “Responsibility stems from virtues and morals and education, and that’s not necessarily happening with our children,” Abler said.


    My jaw dropped wide open when I read that particular Nazi-like lie. The Nazis were fond of telling BIG LIES OVER AND OVER AND OVER UNTIL PEOPLE THOUGHT IT WAS FACT.

    If the Tea Party is not a political party, the neither are the Democratic and Republican Parties. I coined a new term over the weekend: TeaPubliCANTS. It is the TEA PARTY that is controlling the Speaker of the House and the minority leader in the Senate. They are, for all intents and purposes a very right wing political party.

    Why are not schools teaching what used to be called Social Studies? Why do we need a far wrong…err…right wing political party teaching children far right wing concepts? We have seen in our battles with the SBOE what their concepts of history, freedom and civic responsibility are. They are in the minds of the propagandists. I guess they think we are morons who accept their word as truth. Yeah, and did you know that Israel is an apartheid state when it a false concept…but the propagandists, Arabs all, don’t tell people that each and every Arab nation IS not only apartheid but free of all Jews (Judenrein).

    When it comes to Perry’s Pundits, I AM AN ENEMY OF CHRIST AND AM PROUD OF THAT. Since I am Jewish, I must be an enemy, right? Wrong, the majority of my friends are Christians whom I love dearly. Jews don’t believe that non-Jews do not have a place in the world to come; that is where we differ from our evangelical brothers and sisters.

    The fact that Ricky has decided to team with a HATE GROUP is enough to disqualify him from even running for the presidency and certainly might be a great reason to have a recall election; he is not stable enough to govern himself let alone an entire proud state such as Texas and Texans are. By associating himself with exclusive hate groups and Christian ONLY bigots…well, we ARE who we hang with.

    Governor Rick Perry is a BIGOT.

  3. Charles, I have to tell you, I live in Texas and I am a Catholic–and there are a frightening number of members of my parish who are all for Rick and his antics and think this is just swell. I also read a lot of Catholic blogs, websites, forums, etc and I can tell you, they aren’t alone. Right wing extremism and a Catholic brand of fundamentalism is alive and well and loving the Tea Party. SO I fear your analogy is incorrect–though I wish it were not.