The religious right had a decent Tuesday night in Texas.

There was state Sen. Dan Patrick, easily beating his opponents and forcing a runoff against incumbent Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst. In his race, Sid Miller was the top vote-getter in the agriculture commissioner’s race.

Sure, Steve Stockman was soundly beaten in the U.S. Senate primary, but no one really expected him to be much of a challenge to Sen. John Cornyn.

Then there was Wayne Christian. Beaten in a bid to retain his state House seat in 2012, Christian, a Republican, is now running for a place on the Texas Railroad Commission. With almost 43 percent of the vote, he advanced to the May 27 runoff against Ryan Sitton.

So if Christian wins the runoff, he stands a decent chance of being an elected official again. Which means he’ll be giving plenty of public speeches again. Like the speech — one of our favorites — he gave on the House floor in 2011, where he recounted how he was discriminated against when his high school was integrated.

The transcript from the Texas Observer:

I’m one fellow that was racially discriminated against. See back in the 70s I was… Read More

Oh, the irony.

The Dallas Morning News reports that four Texas politicians — politicians often aligned with religious-right groups that use faith as a political weapon — were among the victims of a Ponzi-like scheme run by a North Texas businessman. It seems they trusted the scammer because he appeared to be a good Christian and “godly man.”

According to the Morning News, state Rep. Bill Zedler, R-Arlington; state Rep. Phil King, R-Weatherford; state Sen. Ken Paxton, R-McKinney; and former state Rep. Wayne Christian, R-Center, invested separately a total of $331,000 in an energy-trading finance company. They were among more than 20 other Texans who invested about $2.5 million in Archer Bonnema’s company, Pirin Electric.

Christian, King, Paxton and Zedler have been among the most stridently right-wing politicians in the Texas Legislature. Christian, currently running for a seat on the Texas Railroad Commission, infamously declared a “war on birth control” when he served in the Legislature. Zedler is, among other things, an anti-evolution fanatic who also called women protesting last summer’s extreme anti-abortion legislation “terrorists.” Religious-right groups have lined up behind Paxton’s bid for this year’s Republican nomination for Texas Attorney General. The primary election is… Read More

It’s bad enough that the State Board of Education has become a heavily politicized, dysfunctional embarrassment for Texas. Now religious-righters want control of the Texas Education Agency as well.

State Rep. Wayne Christian, R-Center, wants Gov. Rick Perry to appoint SBOE member Charlie Garza, R-El Paso, as the state’s education commissioner and head of TEA.

Yes, that’s the same Rep. Christian whose right-wing politics are so extreme that he lost his re-election bid in the Republican primary last month. And yes, that’s the same Garza who has said creationism should be part of the “mix” of what students learn in their science classrooms. He also opposes teaching sex education in public schools even though Texas has one of the highest teen birthrates in the nation. And he goes beyond arguing that scientists still aren’t sure whether human activity is contributing to climate change. No, Garza argues that scientists aren’t sure that climate change is even happening.

But Christian — who infamously but proudly declared in 2011 that Texas legislators were engaged in a “war on birth control” — is telling right-wing activists that Garza would beRead More

Tuesday’s Republican Primary elections in Texas brought the defeat of one prominent member of the far-right faction on the State Board of Education — Gail Lowe, R-Lampasas. But two other Texas politicians prominent on the far right also appear to have been too extreme even for GOP voters.

One was state Rep. Leo Berman, R-Tyler, in District 6. “Birther” Berman questions, among other things, whether President Obama was born in the United States. During the 2011 legislative session, Berman proposed a bill that would require presidential candidates to present their American birth certificates to prove they are eligible to be on the presidential ballot in Texas. But Berman also argued that the birth certificate from Hawaii that President Obama has already made public is fraudulent. In 2010 Berman told the crowd at a Glenn Beck rally in Tyler that “I believe that Barack Obama is God’s punishment on us today.”

Berman also fears that Muslims are taking over. During the 2011 legislative session, Berman tried, and failed, four times to pass a law that he argued would protect Texans from the mythical threat of Islamic law. Apparently, the Constitution’s protections… Read More

We were perusing through the far-right Texas Eagle Forum's website the other day and found this: The Eagle Forum's legislative scorecard for the 82nd Legislature that concluded mid-summer. Ranking as the most conservative on the Eagle Forum's list, and the only legislator — in the House or Senate — to receive a 100 percent rating was Rep. Wayne Christian, R-Center. It means Rep. Christian voted in lockstep with the Eagles Forum's issues on everything, including the abortion sonogram bill, the attempt to replace Speaker Joe Straus with a so-called "real conservative," the fight against the Sharia Law boogeyman, defunding Planned Parenthood and sending the message to schoolchildren that, hey, bullying is just a rite of passage. Read More