And here we thought naming our hypothetical center for family and traditional values after icon of manliness and far-right hero Chuck Norris was pretty clever. But someone has taken it further and created a twitter account mocking the budget amendment by state Rep. Wayne Christian, R-Center.

“The University of Texas Wayne Christian Center for Baby-Making Hetero Sex and Pie!” went up Monday and can be found @UTfamilyvalues. Since then, the center has been tweeting about their own views, “but they should be yours too,” as its profile states.

Such views include: “When our women work outside the home, it falls to men to make their own dinner. Ramen is oppression.”

Hat tip to the person(s) who created the account and thanks for the giggles in 140 characters or less.… Read More

If you're a heterosexual college student, state Rep. Wayne Christian, R-Center, wants you to stay that way. Just the heterosexual part; the House is still slashing funds for education, so you're apparently on your own for the student part. But keep Rep. Christian in your thoughts next time you're walking into your campus' Chuck Norris Student Center for Family and Traditional Values, Martial Arts and Tractor Pulling. Read More

Oh, for Pete’s sake!

During the weekend’s budget debate in the Texas House, state Rep. Wayne Christian, R-Center, offered an amendment that would have directed colleges and universities to spend at least 10 percent of their funds to teach courses on “Western Civilization.” As to what those courses would include, well, you be the judge:


Christian’s amendment failed.… Read More