Let's play fill in the blank. Check out the following quotes from two Texas legislators about the potential mingling of public funds and a religious doctrine. The first is by state Rep. Sid Miller, R-Stephenville, followed by state Rep. Wayne Christian, R-Center. See if you can guess what religion they're railing against. "Apparently it's (involved in) indoctrination of _____." And: "If it's true — and I don't know that it is — if they're teaching _____, that's a problem." Have a guess? Here's a clue: it isn't Christianity. Read More

State Rep. Wayne Christian, R-Center, just won't give it a rest. But at least his continuing crusade to use the state budget to force his version of "traditional values" onto college campuses has given more credence to our earlier post about his true intentions -- and has exposed the far-right legislator as being out of touch and largely uninformed about his own cause. Read More

So that's what he meant by "equal." Remember earlier in the Texas Legislative session when state Rep. Wayne Christian, R-Center, offered a budget amendment that required state colleges and universities that fund campus gender and sexuality centers (which on the University of Texas and Texas A&M campuses serve women and LGBTQA communities) to spend an equal amount of funding on centers for family and traditional values (whatever those are)? Rep. Christian claimed he wasn't trying to limit a university's right to have gender and sexuality centers. Here's what he told the Texas Independent: “I know its being posted as I am against, against, against these centers. No, I am just concerned that the full scope of our student society should be represented at our institutions of learning. My bill did not say ‘don’t do anything’ it just said ‘add to it’ in order to get the full scope of the traditional lifestyle. I understand how it is being taken, but it’s not doing away with anything, it’s just saying ‘add things.’” Yeah, about that. Read More

Wayne Christian lets the truth slip in an interview with the Texas Tribune:

Of course it’s a war on birth control, abortion, everything — that’s what family planning is supposed to be about.


This wasn’t a momentary slip of the tongue. Christian is just saying out loud what many Texas lawmakers believe — and many more supported with their votes this session. The ideology underlying all the attacks on abortion and Planned Parenthood is fundamentally anti-birth control and anti-family planning. And as so many others have pointed out, it is ultimately self-defeating, as depriving Texas women of birth control is one sure-fire way to increase the number of abortions in this state.… Read More

Texas state Rep. Wayne Christian, R-Center, may have succeeded and failed at the same time. Read More