The (Possible) Return of Wayne Christian

by Jose Medina

The religious right had a decent Tuesday night in Texas.

There was state Sen. Dan Patrick, easily beating his opponents and forcing a runoff against incumbent Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst. In his race, Sid Miller was the top vote-getter in the agriculture commissioner’s race.

Sure, Steve Stockman was soundly beaten in the U.S. Senate primary, but no one really expected him to be much of a challenge to Sen. John Cornyn.

Then there was Wayne Christian. Beaten in a bid to retain his state House seat in 2012, Christian, a Republican, is now running for a place on the Texas Railroad Commission. With almost 43 percent of the vote, he advanced to the May 27 runoff against Ryan Sitton.

So if Christian wins the runoff, he stands a decent chance of being an elected official again. Which means he’ll be giving plenty of public speeches again. Like the speech — one of our favorites — he gave on the House floor in 2011, where he recounted how he was discriminated against when his high school was integrated.

The transcript from the Texas Observer:

I’m one fellow that was racially discriminated against. See back in the 70s I was on the first team in basketball at [inaudible] high school my sophomore and junior years. We integrated my senior year and I rode the bench because I couldn’t play as good as they did. ‘Cause white boys couldn’t jump. So I received discrimination.

We shall overcome. Stay strong, brother Wayne. Stay strong.