The (Possible) Return of Wayne Christian

The religious right had a decent Tuesday night in Texas.

There was state Sen. Dan Patrick, easily beating his opponents and forcing a runoff against incumbent Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst. In his race, Sid Miller was the top vote-getter in the agriculture commissioner’s race.

Sure, Steve Stockman was soundly beaten in the U.S. Senate primary, but no one really expected him to be much of a challenge to Sen. John Cornyn.

Then there was Wayne Christian. Beaten in a bid to retain his state House seat in 2012, Christian, a Republican, is now running for a place on the Texas Railroad Commission. With almost 43 percent of the vote, he advanced to the May 27 runoff against Ryan Sitton.

So if Christian wins the runoff, he stands a decent chance of being an elected official again. Which means he’ll be giving plenty of public speeches again. Like the speech — one of our favorites — he gave on the House floor in 2011, where he recounted how he was discriminated against when his high school was integrated.

The transcript from the Texas Observer:

I’m one fellow that was racially discriminated against. See back in the 70s I was on the first team in basketball at [inaudible] high school my sophomore and junior years. We integrated my senior year and I rode the bench because I couldn’t play as good as they did. ‘Cause white boys couldn’t jump. So I received discrimination.

We shall overcome. Stay strong, brother Wayne. Stay strong.

8 thoughts on “The (Possible) Return of Wayne Christian

    1. “Idiot”.
      Which makes him imminently qualified to represent republicans.
      “They don’t call it the ‘Railroad’ Commission for nothing.”

  1. I agree with former Rep. Wayne Christian. I, too, was discriminated against in high school because I was bad at sports. Why should the good athletes get trophies and stuff just because they play better?

    1. I agree Gary. I was too. There were these guys that could run the 50-yd dash in like 4.6 seconds when it would take close to a full minute for me to do it. Because of pervasive discrimination against slow people, I had no chance of making the team.

      But let’s be honest here, and we have all known this since 2008. Some of us had gone to sleep and others of us had been lulled into believing that things had changed in the United States. What we have discovered over the past 5 years now is that millions upon millions of Americans (mostly older white Americans about to die) are still convinced that our country has a “chigger” problem and a “Mexican” problem—and that some responsible conservative should step onto the American stage and come up with a final solution to this problem. The Republican Party has embraced those white people in a big, old, loving bear hug and cannot tolerate the thought of letting go because they need the racist white vote to lose the next election. You notice I did not say “win” the next election.

      All you white people in Texas need to listen up to Uncle Charles. You are never going to get rid of the chiggers or the Mexicans. It ain’t going to happen. They all like sex more than white people—and are probably better at it—and they breed like single cell life forms. In addition, most of the ones I know are kind, gentle, loving, and very hardworking people who accomplish many things. Where I live, one Mexican with a fake green card can do the work of five average white people and do a really great job. People admire that because real Americans admire hardworking, responsible people and like to retain people like that—see their children do well in school—see them go off to college—see them do great things. It’s the American way.

      So, what is Uncle Charles telling you old, racist white people in Texas—one white guy to another? Uncle Charles is telling you like it is and telling you how it is going to be not long after your sorry white rear end is dead and buried in the ground. You are up against the sweep of history, and you are being swept. Resistance is futile. The United States of America no longer belongs to you. It is no longer your personal property and never will be again—the exclusive Caucasian party is over forever. The demographics clearly show it and the trend lines as well.

      Back in the 1970s, National Lampoon wrote a poem that perfectly describes the current condition of old, racist white people in the United States, and you can watch and listen right here—and pay close attention to two things that apply to you: (1)a walk through the sea of most souls would scarcely get your feet wet” and the last line “Give up.” That last line is really the only choice you have left—the only choice:

      Now, I am not trying to upset you or hurt you. This is just the way things are and the way things are going to be. I have no power to stop it and neither do you.

  2. I had a teacher (and coach) in high school long years ago who had two sons that went on from college to make it into pro football. He once told the class that “Bobby did real good in the 100-yard dash. He would’a won it except that there was this n***** running against him.”

    Bobby and Wayne. Martyrs for whiteness…..