Congrats, Rep. Christian!

by Jose Medina

We were perusing through the far-right Texas Eagle Forum’s website the other day and found this: The Eagle Forum’s legislative scorecard for the 82nd Legislature that concluded mid-summer.

Ranking as the most conservative on the Eagle Forum’s list, and the only legislator — in the House or Senate — to receive a 100 percent rating was Rep. Wayne Christian, R-Center. It means Rep. Christian voted in lockstep with the Eagles Forum’s issues on everything, including the abortion sonogram bill, the attempt to replace Speaker Joe Straus with a so-called “real conservative,” the fight against the Sharia Law boogeyman, defunding Planned Parenthood and sending the message to schoolchildren that, hey, bullying is just a rite of passage.

Given the Eagle Forum’s extreme politics, it also means the far-right group considers Rep. Christian the fringe of the fringe. Heck, even far-right darlings state Rep. Leo Berman, R-Tyler, and state Sen. Dan Patrick, R-Houston, weren’t even able to crack 90 percent.

So in honor of Rep. Christian, let’s relive some of his greatest hits, caught on video, from the past legislative session that helped earn him that 100 percent. Enjoy.

Here’s Rep. Christian letting the truth slip about the real reason behind the drive to defund Planned Parenthood:


Here’s Rep. Christian arguing that state colleges and universities should be required to teach a course on “western civilization.” Yeah, we still don’t know what he meant:


And the best is saved for last. Here Rep. Christian argues in favor of creating “Student Centers for Family and Traditional Values” on state college and university campuses: