Even as COVID death toll rises and Texans still recover from last month's deadly power outage, Republicans who run the Texas Senate are pressing ahead with the abortion wars. See our press release today. Read More

We have seen a flood of anti-LGBTQ bills filed by far-right lawmakers in the Legislature so far this session. But today Rep. Jessica González, D-Dallas, and state Sen. José Menéndez, D-San Antonio, filed legislation that would extend discrimination protections in Texas law to LGBTQ people. As we say in this press release, passage of these bills would represent a big step forward for equality for all in the state.…… Read More

The catastrophic power blackout in Texas during a deadly winter storm, like the state's disastrous response to the COVID pandemic that has killed thousands of Texans, came from a failure of leadership, TFN President Val Benavidez said as legislative committees held committee hearing on the crisis. Check out our press release here. Read More

The ballot counting in key states has served as an important reminder: Every vote matters. Now we know that change is coming for our nation after four long years of darkness and division. Achieving this milestone reflects the long-term organizing that has occurred in many states across the country. Our long-term organizing in Texas continues. …… Read More

The COVID-19 death toll -- at 215,000 so far in the United States -- should make pretty clear how important it is for elected leaders to follow the science on public health issues. But too many Texas Republicans have aligned themselves with ideological extremists and conspiracy theorists who are undermining an effective public health response to the crisis. Read More