Texas Rising Action Releases Statement on New Census Data Allocating Two Additional Congressional Districts to Texas

Texas gained two new seats given new Census information. Find Texas Rising Action’s statement below:

Austin, TX — In response to the announcement this afternoon of decennial census data showing that Texas will need to create two additional Congressional districts to fulfill its constitutional obligation to represent its residents, Texas Rising Action released a statement.

Texas Rising Action Deputy Director Osmara Santana released the following statement:

“While it is ultimately a victory for Texans, and one which we celebrate, this announcement is also disappointing and concerning. It is both a clear sign of the growing power of the young, diverse and active electorate that we at Texas Rising Action has worked so hard to engage and empower throughout our state, and also a sign of what happens when Texas Republicans compromise the integrity of the census by questioning the citizenship of our residents. Texas could have gained another electoral vote. We could have ensured that our voices were heard and our communities were resourced. However, national and state leadership under-counted Texans because of nativist thinking and the end result was Texans suffering in the process.

“This announcement is a reflection of the reality that Texas is changing. It’s changing undeniably for the better, but there are some who are hellbent on resisting this shift at all costs. Aged politicians, the stewards of the status quo, are determined to silence our voices through voter suppression—with measures like HB6 and SB7. 

“But the reality is impossible to ignore. This shift, driven by the most diverse and most engaged generation in the history of the country, is why we’re in this fight. It’s proof positive that when we put our hearts into it, we have the power to make our voices heard—to determine our own future. 

“Texas Rising Action will never stop fighting to empower this rising electorate, to elevate the voices and engage the perspectives of communities who have been historically left behind. This announcement is an important milestone, but there is still much work to be done.”


Texas Rising Action, a project of the Texas Freedom Network, builds the power of a rising generation of young Texans, with an emphasis on communities of color, by advocating for change in the cities and towns where they live and at the ballot box. To learn more, visit txrising.org.