Republican Legislators Race Ahead on Voter Suppression Effort in Texas

Republican efforts to make it harder for Texans — especially Texans of color — to vote are racing forward this week. Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick’s Senate on Wednesday gave preliminary approval to a sweeping voter suppression bill, and a key House committee heard testimony on its own version today. Check out our press release: […]

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With SB29, Dan Patrick’s Senate Is Pushing Discrimination Yet Again

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick’s obsession with writing discrimination against LGBTQ Texans into law continues as the Senate State Affairs Committee hears testimony today on a bill that would ban transgender students from participating in school sports across the state. Check out our press statement today. […]

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TFN to Texas Lawmakers: Suppress the Virus, Not the Vote

Republican lawmakers made clear this week that their priority is to suppress the vote in Texas — especially for Texans of color — rather than suppress a virus that has killed nearly 50,000 in this state alone. Check out our press release today. […]

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