Texans Taking Care of Texans: Meet This Quarter’s Super Volunteer

Last week, the State Board of Education (SBOE) voted to adopt the social studies curriculum, after having bowed to the demands of extremists and conspiracy theorists in choosing to delay the revision of Texas’ social studies curriculum, referred to as the Social Studies TEKs, back in August. […]

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The Future We Want: Texans Decide (Part 1)

Our vote is our power, and the best thing we can do is use it to create the future we want for ourselves, our families, and our communities. As the polls draw closer, it is crucial to uplift the voices of our various communities, especially those who are often ignored. This is a series of blogs in which Texans of faith, color, and LGBTQIA+ Texans add their voices to the conversation. This is the future they want in their own words.  […]

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A Quick Guide to Understanding SB1

Passed in September 2021, SB1 imposed new restrictions on voter assistance, restricted mail-in ballots, banned overnight early voting hours and drive-thru voting, despite the last two driving increased turnout among voters of color in previous election cycles. […]

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Elections Endgame: Statewide Offices at Stake this November 

In just a little over a month, Texans will decide our futures by casting ballots for our preferred candidates in four statewide races. Below, we dive briefly into the role of these offices, highlighting their constitutional duties and responsibilities as well as identifying candidates for each office.

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