Eagle Forum -- whose founder, Phyllis Schlafly, the Texas State Board of Education added to curriculum standards for public school social studies classes this year -- doesn't orbit the fringes of the right just on issues like opposition to evolutionary science and gay rights. No, the group is also still fighting the Cold War, which ended nearly two decades ago. And Cathie Adams, the former Texas Republican Party chair and former Texas Eagle Forum president, is leading the group's march back to the past. Read More

Texas Eagle Forum’s home page today links to this post on the Eagle Forum blog, which claims that net neutrality is a “big liberal cause.” The post seems to argue that government should not bar companies that provide Internet service from favoring or disfavoring certain content available on the web.

The right’s assault on net neutrality appears to be picking up steam. As this Eagle Forum post notes, a Scripps Howard article explains that Tea Party activists have been critical of government acting to prevent Internet companies from blocking or slowing content web traffic for their own competitive advantage. Supporters of net neutrality fear that companies will undermine competition and innovation by walling off (or limiting) certain content from their Internet subscribers.

The Texas Freedom Network doesn’t work on the issue of net neutrality. But it seems odd to us that far-right groups like Eagle Forum now see the concept as simply a “big liberal cause.”

UPDATE: Good heavens. As we continue to check out the Texas Eagle Forum website, we just ran across this post on the TEF’s own blog: “Be Informed: Well Planned Strategy to End Capitalism.” The post includes… Read More

As attacks on the religious liberties of American Muslims grow, where are the supposed voices for religious freedom among far-right groups in Texas? Pressure groups like Liberty Institute (the Texas affiliate of Focus on the Family) and Texas Eagle Forum often grandstand about threats to First  Amendment's protections for religious freedom when they claim Christians are the victims of unjust government actions or court decisions. Why are they silent as some call for discriminating against Americans because they are Muslims? On Tuesday, for example, Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association demanded that the government bar the construction of "even one more mosque" in America, charging that every Muslim is a terrorist-in-training: "Permits should not be granted to build even one more mosque in the United States of America, let alone the monstrosity planned for Ground Zero. This is for one simple reason: each Islamic mosque is dedicated to the overthrow of the American government."…… Read More

The departure of Cathie Adams to become Texas Republican Party chair hasn't left Texas Eagle Forum without its fringe characters. TEF's new president, Pat Carlson, is carrying on in Adams' tradition of spouting extremist nonsense. Case in point: a Carlson-bylined article in last month's edition of the TEF's Torch publication warns that efforts to protect the environment -- and particularly efforts to stop or slow global climate change -- will lead to "one world" government. And she drops in this absurd paragraph near the end of the piece:…… Read More

Sometimes it’s instructive to note the bizarre and bitter paranoia that infects the far right in America. Texas offers plenty of examples, including the folks at Texas Eagle Forum. In fact, TEF’s new president, Pat Carlson, seems to harbor the same fear of everything foreign that the group’s past president, Cathie Adams, does.

In a new e-mail report to TEF activists (dated Dec. 14) from the Copenhagen conference on global climate change, for example, Carlson rails against efforts by the Obama administration to cooperate with foreign countries on cutting emissions of greenhouse gases. “Obama is still campaigning but now it is for world leader,” she sneers.

But toward the end of e-mail, she most clearly reveals her xenophobia, arguing that foreigners simply want to destroy the American way of life:

“The world hates America because of jealousy and because Americans are a good and generous people.”

Oh, good grief. The Pew Global Attitudes Project shows that global attitudes toward the United States vary over time and by region, but generally our country is viewed favorably in many developed and developing countries around the world. And the U.S. image globally has actually been improving. But Texas right-wingers like Pat Carlson see only enemies… Read More