Who Are the Real Radicals?

by Dan Quinn

The departure of Cathie Adams to become Texas Republican Party chair hasn’t left Texas Eagle Forum without its fringe characters. TEF’s new president, Pat Carlson, is carrying on in Adams’ tradition of spouting extremist nonsense.

Case in point: a Carlson-bylined article in last month’s edition of the TEF’s Torch publication warns that efforts to protect the environment — and particularly efforts to stop or slow global climate change — will lead to “one world” government. And she drops in this absurd paragraph near the end of the piece:

“Radical environmental groups, including the Sierra Club, Environmental Defense Fund, World Wildlife Federation, have had 17 years to establish their groups in developing countries and through education systems have brainwashed a generation of young people into believing the planet is in environmental distress. These young people turned out in the hundreds at [the recent Copenhagen climate conference] and were the main cause of protests and violence in the streets; their passion for saving the planet borders on militarism.”

Carlson thinks Sierra Club, Environmental Defense Fund and the World Wildlife Federation are “radical environmental groups” trying to “brainwash” children? Really?

Just clicking through the Texas Eagle Forum Web site confirms the suspicion that Carlson herself has little idea what the word “radical” even means then. Click on TEF’s “links” page and you’ll find a list of organizations the group promotes. One, Empowered Patriots, includes articles with headlines like “The Anti-Christ and Mr. Obama” and “No More Muslims in the U.S. Military.” Another link from the TEF Web site takes you to “Tea Party Photos,” which promotes (among other things) the ridiculous charge that President Obama isn’t a natural-born U.S. citizen.

Sorry, Pat. “Radical”? You clearly haven’t got a clue.