Who Are the Real Radicals?

The departure of Cathie Adams to become Texas Republican Party chair hasn’t left Texas Eagle Forum without its fringe characters. TEF’s new president, Pat Carlson, is carrying on in Adams’ tradition of spouting extremist nonsense.

Case in point: a Carlson-bylined article in last month’s edition of the TEF’s Torch publication warns that efforts to protect the environment — and particularly efforts to stop or slow global climate change — will lead to “one world” government. And she drops in this absurd paragraph near the end of the piece:

“Radical environmental groups, including the Sierra Club, Environmental Defense Fund, World Wildlife Federation, have had 17 years to establish their groups in developing countries and through education systems have brainwashed a generation of young people into believing the planet is in environmental distress. These young people turned out in the hundreds at [the recent Copenhagen climate conference] and were the main cause of protests and violence in the streets; their passion for saving the planet borders on militarism.”

Carlson thinks Sierra Club, Environmental Defense Fund and the World Wildlife Federation are “radical environmental groups” trying to “brainwash” children? Really?

Just clicking through the Texas Eagle Forum Web site confirms the suspicion that Carlson herself has little idea what the word “radical” even means then. Click on TEF’s “links” page and you’ll find a list of organizations the group promotes. One, Empowered Patriots, includes articles with headlines like “The Anti-Christ and Mr. Obama” and “No More Muslims in the U.S. Military.” Another link from the TEF Web site takes you to “Tea Party Photos,” which promotes (among other things) the ridiculous charge that President Obama isn’t a natural-born U.S. citizen.

Sorry, Pat. “Radical”? You clearly haven’t got a clue.

7 thoughts on “Who Are the Real Radicals?

  1. The Sierra Club was founded by famous naturalist John Muir in the late 1800s. Mr. Muir was a close personal friend and associate of a left-wing American radical by the name of Theodore Roosevelt (Republican). You remember him don’t you? His noodle-spined, sell-out out America, thoroughly liberal foreign policy was described as, “Step softly and carry a big stick.” That stick was his greatly expanded U.S. Navy.

    Teddy and John came up with a unique, quite dangerous, and solely American invention called the “National Park.” Furthermore, these horrid liberals plotted the very downfall of the United States by consulting closely with each other over time to ACTUALLY ESTABLISH various national parks and national monuments. Have you ever heard of such leftist treason!!!??? Why, if we would dig into it, we might just find evidence of a secret plot between Yosemite National Park, Yellowstone National Park, and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park to overturn our Christian nation and make Mithraism the official national religion of these United States.

    But seriously, the official mission statement of the Sierra Club is as follows:

    “To explore, enjoy, and protect the wild places of the earth; To practice and promote the responsible use of the earth’s ecosystems and resources; To educate and enlist humanity to protect and restore the quality of the natural and human environment; and to use all lawful means to carry out these objectives.”

    Not much radical there, unless maybe one enjoys drinking “methyl ethyl ketone” (MEK) with lunch. I wonder if the next Texas Eagle Forum luncheon would like to have some MEK sent over instead of Lipton Tea. After all, if environmental protection is just leftist grandstanding about nothing, it should be okay to drink. Right?


  2. Dear mister smarty pants. Teddy Roosevelt was a Godless Communist.
    God created the earth for us to destroy. The rapture will take all of us “saved” souls away in the nick of time.
    Kiss my left behind,
    Pat Carlson.


  3. Speaking of God, radicals (maybe radically stupid), and honesty, check out this latest news story about the leader of the Southern Baptist child kidnapping ring in Haiti. This is a story from a local newspaper in the vicinity of their home church in Idaho. I hope you will not use this to trash Christians in general—because all of us humans have our faults, but this is just plain bizarre:


  4. This is just a sad story. What this brings up for me is a discussion I’m having with a young devout person who has been inoculated against the concept of “relativism in spiritual matters.”
    I think most adults who would put forth a concept of moral relativism are not advocating “relativism” , they’re just pointing out that moral relativism is just a fact of human nature.
    This woman may or may not be conscious of the fact that she’s apparently “stealing” kids in order to get out of her financial bind,
    she may be so intoxicated on her “faith” that she’s indifferent to all other considerations.
    That’s a problem with evangelicals, and Baptists in particular.
    And those of her church who are caught up in this thing are guilty of letting the arrogance of their “righteousness” cloud their judgment, as they are probably well aware by now.
    The good news is that with all of the chaos and pandemonium in Haiti, the people are apparently doing a good job of looking out after the kids.

  5. 666 is code for Nero Caesar, not Satan or the Devil. In Hebrew gematria, every letter has a corresponding number. Summing these numbers gives a numeric value to a word or name. The Greek spelling, “Neron Caesar,” transliterates into Hebrew as “נרון קסר” or “nrwn qsr”. Adding the corresponding values yields 666, as shown:

    Resh = 200
    Samekh = 60
    Qoph = 100
    Nun = 50
    vav = 6
    Resh = 200
    Nun = 50
    TOTAL = 666

    By contrast, the Latin title for Nero is spelled simply “Nero Caesar,” which transliterates to “נרו קסר” or “nrw qsr” and has a value of 616, which explains that variation in Papyrus 115 (a mid 3rd Century [fragmentary] manuscript of the NT, that includes the Revelation)

    The hypothesis that 666 or 616 is a code for a Roman emperor does have historical support. The emperors were noted for their oppression of both Jews and Christians. Both communities were known to use numerology, codes and symbols (such as the Ichthys) when living under Roman rule to avoid persecution.

    Regarding Nero being called “the devil’s son”, I’ve never heard or read any Christians today calling Nero that specifically, though many modern Dispensationalists (who DON’T think Nero is the Beast, but rather that the Beast is someone to come after the Church is Raptured, during the Great Tribulation) may call the Beast the Devil’s son — and more than a few may mean it literally, judging by such nonsense as the Left Behind series.

    However, in ancient Semitic usage, the expression “son of _______” typically meant that the person so described exhibited the character of whatever was in the blank – hence such expressions as “son of a camel” and “son of a dog” and “son of Hell” and also “son of God”: the expression was a reference to the person’s character and behavior, not his actual parentage.

    In that regard, Nero certainly could well be described as “son of Satan” as he was the enemy and would-be destroyer of both Israel and the Church, and the enemy and would-be supplanter of God.

    We see codes used all the time as a way of expressing a view without opening one’s self for persecution. Code was used in Alice In Wonderland. Even MASH was code for Vietnam but, since MASH was filmed during the Vietnam War, Vietnam could not be the reference. The Korean War was used as a substitute. But everyone knew the show/movie was about Vietnam. Thus, 616 or 666 is code for Caesar.

  6. Note: my posting above was meant for a different conversation titled “The UN is coming to get your guns” or a similar title. I honestly don’t know how my entry was posted here but it happened accidentally. I have copied and posted the above into its proper conversation.

    Thank you and sorry for the confusion.