Texas Eagle Forum and the Denton County Republican Party are promoting a conference this month that will ask attendees whether Texas should secede from the United States. The Blackstone Blitz Workshop on the Constitution is set for Jan. 15 at a Baptist church in Lewisville just outside Dallas. Among the topics: * How can we employ the worldview approach to understanding and reviving the Constitution? * Who is the Constitution’s worst enemy? * How can we effectively fight this enemy? * What are the primary Judeo-Christian principles we must define and defend? * Is there any validity to Humanists’ call for “relativism,” separation,” pluralism/diversity,” “tolerance,” etc.? * Can Americans do anything to curb the courts – replace judicial supremacy with constitutional supremacy? * Can Texas secede? If so, should we? The conference is a project of the Abilene (Texas)-based Blackstone Institute, an openly militant promoter of the "culture wars" whose mission "is to declare and defend the Judeo-Christian worldview of the Constitution, law, philosophy, and theology with programs that inform and inspire." "America is engulfed in the all-consuming flames of a Culture War from which no one and no area of American life can escape," the…… Read More

TFN Insider has already reported about the religious campaign the far right has been waging against Texas House Speaker Joe Straus, R-San Antonio. Now PolitiFact offers a clear example of how the religious right is also spreading distortions and falsehoods in the effort to replace Straus with another speaker far more likely to obey their commands on radical social policies. PolitiFact notes today that Texas Eagle Forum has claimed that Straus "was co-author of a bill that would have allowed Planned Parenthood to control public school sex education." But after looking at the public record, PolitiFact rates that claim as a "Pants on Fire" lie. Read More

The political extremists who run Texas Eagle Forum -- the state affiliate of Phyllis Schlafly's far-right group -- apparently think voters have too much influence over our nation's laws and lawmakers. The group's fall newsletter, Torch, includes an article attacking "democracy" and even the direct election of U.S. senators. Declaring that "America is not a democracy," the article sharply criticizes passage of  the 17th Amendment (added to the Constitution nearly a century ago), which calls for U.S. senators to be elected directly by each state's voters (rather than chosen by state legislatures): "The 17th Amendment destroyed a major safeguard of the federal republic by allowing senators to be chosen by the public, rather than by the states." The article, headlined "Save the Republic from Democracy," was originally published on the fringe-right website WorldNetDaily last August. The writer, Henry Lamb, has openly called for the repeal of the 17th Amendment. He and others on the right are especially angry that the U.S. Senate passed health care reform earlier this year. Of course, senators who voted for health care reform were simply doing what they had promised voters they would do. But Lamb and…… Read More

Battle lines are forming in the newest "culture war" flash point in Texas: the state House of Representatives. In fact, religious-right pressure groups are working furiously to replace Republican Joe Straus of San Antonio with a hard-right Speaker of the House. Each day brings a new attack in the far right's "scorched earth" strategy, with pressure groups denouncing Speaker Straus and his GOP supporters as "liberals" and "RINOs," or "Republicans in name only." Dave Welch, head of the far-right Texas Pastor Council, suggests that Straus stands in the way of "moral law." In an e-mail Monday, Welch even called on clergy to contact House members in opposition to Straus. On Tuesday the president of the anti-everything Texas Eagle Forum, Pat Carlson, sent an e-mail to far-right activists attacking Straus: "We must not allow him to be elected speaker again."…… Read More

UPDATE: We had hoped this could go without saying, but apparently we must make it clear: comments promoting anti-Muslim bigotry and, especially, violence against Muslims will not be approved. Sadly, there are plenty of forums for that kind of trash. This isn't one of them. Texas Eagle Forum's website has posted an essay that calls for exempting Muslims from the U.S. Constitution's guarantee for religious freedom, firing Muslims from government jobs, barring them from running for elected office and monitoring their houses of worship. The essay, written by Elijah Abraham, an evangelical Christian convert from Islam, is among the most strident, hate-filled pieces of paranoia that we have read. You can read the whole thing here. Excerpt: In the U.S., there are Muslim training camps across the country actively planning attacks on American soil. Young Americans are being converted to Islam in our jails, our military, public schools and universities, and in churches that preach Liberation Theology.  Muslims have gained two seats in the U.S, Congress and have won seats in state and local races. Public school textbooks are becoming pro-Islam and anti-Christian. Muslims are buying Fortune 500 companies and high tech companies. There is a Dow Jones…… Read More