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“As a religious right guy, I’m thinking there was a guy named Jesus who had some things to say about these kinds of concepts. And I don’t want to live in a society that lets a few test cases die on the steps of the hospital. I can’t go there.”

— U.S. Rep. Bob Inglis, R-S.C., responding to “hard-right” activists who have told him that they are willing to let people without health insurance “die on the steps of the hospital” to make a point about the problem of “free riders.”

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by Dan Quinn

One of the most puzzling things about the debate over health insurance reform has been the religious right's strident opposition. If the movement's leaders didn't constantly remind you that they are pastors and people of faith, you'd never know it from their comments about health care. Instead of honest proposals for how our society can make sure the sick and vulnerable get the care they need (didn't Jesus talk about that?), we've heard religious-right leaders rail against taxes, a supposed "government takeover" of health care and fictional "death panels." Case in point: today's e-mail from Rick Scarborough, who founded the Lufkin-based group Vision America to "inform and mobilize Pastors and their congregations to become salt and light, becoming pro-active in restoring Judeo-Christian values in America."…… Read More

It's bad enough that the State Board of Education claims David Barton is an "expert" who is qualified to help guide the revision of social studies curriculum standards for Texas public schools. But now we're told Barton is a "constitutional expert," too. Wow. Not bad considering that he earned only a bachelor's degree in religious education, right?…… Read More

The Texas Freedom Network has taken no position on national health insurance reform, but we have been fascinated by the torrent of e-mails from religious-right pressure groups opposed to it. Oh, we're not surprised that the religious right opposes reform -- the movement's leadership has long been in bed with economic and  "small government" conservatives (even when they're trying to dictate how people live their private lives). What's fascinating is that so many who piously proclaim their Christian faith are so disingenuous and deceitful in their statements about health insurance reform and so supportive of the rude and uncivil behavior of some reform opponents. Texas-based groups on the far right have even promoted videos of disruptive protesters shouting and jeering members of Congress trying to answer questions about reform at "town hall" meetings. When others object to the shouts and deliberate disruptions, those same far-right groups claim the right to free speech -- all the while ignoring efforts to drown out the speech of reform supporters at the meetings. Nationally, religious-right pressure groups have launched aggressive fund-raising and disinformation campaigns targeting health care reform. Many of their statements echo charges about things like "death panels," euthanasia and "pulling the plug" on Grandma. Read More

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We wonder whether many of the foot soldiers in the religious-right movement will ever wake up to how they have been used. Over the years we've all seen how religious-right pressure groups wade into areas that would seem to have nothing to do with promoting "traditional family values" (whatever that means to them) and other "culture war" issues. Case in point: a group called CRAVE -- Christians Reviving America's Values -- is calling on supporters to oppose the Obama administration on health care reform. From a CRAVE press release headlined "America Cannot Afford Health Care" (and quoting the group's president, Don Swarthout): What have the uninsured people been doing for health care all of these years? The answer is simple. They have been going to Emergency Rooms to be treated because our laws and the Hippocratic Oath taken by doctors say that they must be treated. . . .…… Read More

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