Right-wing pooh-bahs in Texas are exploding in rage over today’s Supreme Court ruling upholding health care reform. We’ll have more coming later, but we thought this one from Michael Quinn Sullivan — head of the anti-government group Empower Texans — was really over the top.

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by Dan Quinn

The Christian Coalition of American sent out an e-mail blast today demanding that Congress repeal last year’s landmark health care reform bill. The e-mail decries the “government takeover of our nation’s health care system” and includes a list of claims about the terrible things the bill would do: fund abortions, limit doctor choice, cause health care costs to increase, raise taxes, kill jobs and cause people to lose their current insurance:

We can demand that Congress repeal it!

We can speak out for free market reforms, not government run schemes that stifle innovation, ration care and increase our taxes.

And we can demand reform that focuses on empowering personal choice and freedom – not government.

Every bit of that — like “government takeover,” “kill American jobs,” “limit our choice of doctors,” “ration care,” “free market” — comes from talking points promoted by the Republican Party. And it’s more evidence that the religious right isn’t really a religious movement. It’s a political movement that manipulates its supporters on behalf of an agenda that has very little to do with faith and “traditional values.”

The Christian Coalition’s e-mail letterhead features this slogan: “defending America’s Godly heritage.”

Yeah. Sure you are.

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by Dan Quinn

The shooting this morning of an Arizona congresswoman (who at this writing is in critical condition) is a chilling moment in American history. It appears that six people were killed, including a young child and a federal judge.

Some have already noted that Democratic Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was featured last year in a map created by Sarah Palin’s Political Action Committee. The map used crosshairs to identify 20 members of Congress who supported health care reform legislation.

Just as stunning is the language we continue to hear and see from extremist right-wing groups, including in Texas. This morning, in fact, the Houston-based Life & Liberty Political Action Committee sent out an e-mail accusing the Obama administration and congressional supporters of “death-dealing” health care reform of using tax dollars to murder babies through abortion and subject the sick and elderly to “death panels.” Then we read this passage:

“Politicians’ home offices are staffed by locals… locals who do not want to look their neighbors in the face and lie. These Congress Critters LIVE in these areas and when they come home on breaks and to campaign (continuously) they are no longer sheltered by taxpayer-paid Capitol Hill… Read More

by TFN

Today at the religious right’s annual “Voter Values Summit,” former Arkansas governor and Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee had this to say about health insurance for people with pre-existing conditions:

“It sounds so good, and it’s such a warm message to say we’re not gonna deny anyone from a preexisting condition. Look, I think that sounds terrific, but I want to ask you something from a common sense perspective. Suppose we applied that principle [to] our property insurance. And you can call your insurance agent and say, ‘I’d like to buy some insurance for my house.’ He’d say, ‘Tell me about your house.’ ‘Well sir, it burned down yesterday, but I’d like to insure it today.’ And he’ll say ‘I’m sorry, but we can’t insure it after it’s already burned.’ Well, no preexisting conditions.”

So people with pre-existing conditions who can’t get health insurance should just die? We didn’t realize the religious right sees human beings who are seriously ill as being like houses that have burned down. Silly us.… Read More

A new editorial in the Roman Catholic periodical Commonweal highlights a key division among Catholics over the recently passed health care reform bill. In short, this division is over questions of whether the bill provides government support for abortion. Read More

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