Saving America from Marxists and Progressives!

“Saving America from Marxists and Progressives” is just one of the sessions at an upcoming right-wing confab being promoted by Eagle Forum and its far-right affiliate in Texas. The group promises that Eagle Council XL in Virginia next month (September 16-17) “will be a tremendous experience in training to accomplish our legislative and political goals.” Some of the other sessions participants can attend:

  • How to Stop Liberals from Stuffing the Ballot Box (But what about right-wing efforts to limit ballot access for minorities, the poor and the elderly?)
  • How to Keep Foreign Laws Out of U.S. Law (Sharia hysteria!)
  • How to Be a Delegate to the Republican National Convention (What about the Democratic National Convention? Looks like Eagle Forum is playing fast and loose with its tax-exempt, nonprofit status.)
  • How to Stop School Tax Increases and Bond Issues (Education is overrated anyway, right?)
  • Will Agenda 21 and U.N. Treaties Steal Your Property? (Black helicopters!)
  • Saving College Students from Leftwing Indoctrination (Once Eagle Forum is finished with defunding public education, who will be going to college anyway?)

Participants also get a two-hour tour of the U.S. Capitol led by Texan Rick Green from David Barton’s historical revisionist outfit WallBuilders. But will Green explain how his experience as a former two-term Texas legislator with no degree in history qualifies him as an expert who can really instruct his tourists about “the rich history of faith behind our nation’s founding”? While he’s at it, actually, maybe he can also explain why he thinks torturing detainees isn’t any worse than his sister teasing him when they were kids. (Green appears to have removed that pro-torture post from his website, but nothing ever really disappears from the Internet.)

Most Eagle Council XL attendees probably won’t care, of course. They’re more interested in learning how to save America from Marxists, liberals and public schools.

4 thoughts on “Saving America from Marxists and Progressives!

  1. It surprises me to read that Eagle Forum people know there’s a difference between Marxists and Progressives.

  2. Well, Gary, I have a former friend who called me a Communist after he discovered that I was a Progressive. Some people never learn.

    Now the question I have is how we can save ourselves from the Eagle Forum?

    The reason they hate public schools is that kids sometimes are taught about democracy, real history, the fact of Evolution, etc. When I was in school, we were taught those terrible things. We even had political science classes in high school. Unfortunately, the David Bartons of this country have participated in the dumbing of American kids.

    When I was still working retail, I had to go through ten to fifteen high school graduates to hire just one. I’d ask only two questions before shaking my head in rejection: A customer buys something for $10.88 and hands you a ten dollar bill; how much change do you give him back? Most of them couldn’t tell me that they’d get nothing back, but that the customer would have to pay an additional 88 cents. The second question was, a customer buys something for $10.88 and hands you a ten and two singles, how much change do you give them. If they asked for a pen and paper, out the door they would go.

    English apparently is an optional course because of the atrocious use of the language you hear every day causes me to go home and bang my head into a door because it feels SO good when I stop. Things like “Me and him went to the store.” Not knowing the difference between affect and effect; I’ve seen some “professional” writers make that mistake. Then there are the people who think EVERY WORD that ends in an “s” has to have an apostrophe after it. “The boy hear’s the dog.” Aarrgghh! It is like finger nails down a black board.

    I’ve talked with some kids who can’t even tell me who the first president was. “Uhh…mmm…Lincoln?”

    I’ll shut up with this beauty: I handed a piece of printed material to a high school grad. It had exactly forty-five words on it. They have taken up to a full minute to read the page! They just do not read because “I don’t have to read anymore, I graduated.”

  3. P.S. Our country is really screwed up right now. The Eagle Forum is just one of many symptoms. Personally, I lay the whole sick attitude at the feet of Bob Dole. Tell me what you think about this. Best I can recall, it was right after a senatorial election. Bob Dole had just won his race, and he did a TV interview right after his opponent conceded. I was watching the interview. Here is the peanut butter and jelly statement from old Bob:

    “I am here to represent the people from my district who elected me. I don’t know who represents the people that didn’t vote for me. All I know is that it’s not me.”

    As cowboy Jim Lloyd said in Centennial: “Now ain’t that one hell of a thing.”