Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert Defends Anti-Muslim Smears, Calls John McCain ‘Numb Nut’

by Dan Quinn

East Texas Congressman Louie “Terror Baby” Gohmert today defended the accusations and smears he and four other members of the U.S. House of Representatives have been aiming at Muslim Americans serving in the U.S. government. But he probably didn’t help himself when he directly insulted the Republican Party’s 2008 presidential nominee, U.S. Sen. John McCain. McCain has sharply criticized the anti-Muslim smears, particularly those suggesting that Huma Abedin is part of the Muslim Brotherhood. Abedin is a long-time aide to U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Speaking on Dennis Miller’s radio show today, Gohmert had this to say:

“Well, it’s obvious that John McCain didn’t even read the letter because of what he said in accusing Michele [Bachmann] and us of making these horrible accusations. There were five letters and there were many things that are stated that are facts in each letter. And I wish some of these numb nuts would go out and read the letter before they make these horrible allegations about the horrible accusations we’re making. But we also know that John McCain himself had said back in the early stages of stuff going on in Egypt that he was, in his words, unalterably opposed to helping the Muslim Brotherhood.’ Well, obviously the unalterable person has been altered, so he is okay with it now.”



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