The Attack of the Terror Babies

OK, this really has nothing to do with any of the Texas Freedom Network’s primary issues. But it does demonstrate how extreme the far right has become in America — and especially, sadly, in Texas.

One of David Barton’s favorite congressmen, Republican U.S. Rep. Louie Gohmert of East Texas, is ranting again about the threat of “terror babies” — the offspring of people who allegedly come here to give birth to American citizens who can then be trained as terrorists overseas and sent back to this country when they are older to spread mayhem and destruction.

CNN host Anderson Cooper’s interview with Congressman Gohmert last night was fascinating. Cooper repeatedly asked for credible evidence of a “terror baby” plot and pointed to a former FBI official and an FBI statement saying there is none. But Congressman Gohmert offered little more than shouting and indignation over being asked to show that his scare story — which he has promoted on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives — is a legitimate concern of law enforcement authorities:

“The explosions will not happen for 10 or 15 or 20 years and then you will be one of those blips. I’m not comparable to Winston Churchill, but the detractors like you are comparable to his detractors.”

You really have to see the interview for yourself here.

Congressman Gohmert is in line to become chairman of the Judiciary subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism and Homeland Security should Republicans retake the U.S. House in November.

19 thoughts on “The Attack of the Terror Babies

  1. That was beautiful tv last night!!! I don’t know when I enjoyed myself more. It was hilarious. Cooper just had this disgusted look on his face but you could tell he was enjoying it. funny as hell.

  2. Oh, man, that is priceless. That was some fantastic entertainment. Gohmert is a lunatic. Cooper did a great job.

  3. I’ve started thinking of Gohmert as “Gomer-T” . Frankly he reminds me of a character on “The Andy Griffith Show” sort of a cross between Floyd, Gomer, Barney, and Ernest T. Bass.

    I can see Andy (AndersonC.) saying, “Now Gomer-T, you know that’s not right. (Shakes his head).
    Gomer-T: “As God is my witness, Andy, that’s a terror baby…” Etc.

  4. When can this sort of xenophobic demogoguery turn into actionable mental illness? It sounds like this poor Gohmert fella ought to be committed as a danger to himself and others.

  5. For those of you who might think that my use of the word “fruitcake” has been totally unfair and vicious name-calling, I rest my case with Monsieur Gohmert.

    As I have said many times here and will say again now, words like “stupid” and “ignorant” are in the dictionary for a reason. It is because they describe accurately someone, some thing, or some occurrence out in the world, and there has to be a linguistically concise and economical word to cover the reality of it.

    For example, take schools politician Terri Leo. If I were to call her a “fruitcake,” she would just assume that I am some Godless person out here that is just being unfairly ugly to make her look bad to voters. She would see it as liberal soap-boxing like Rush Limbaugh does on his radio program.

    The thing she and the other right wingers on the Texas SBOE do not understand is that I really do sincerely think that they are fruitcakes. Truly I do. I really do sincerely think that they are unAmerican, and I really do sincerely believe that they and people like them are a clear and present danger to the safety of this country and the liberty we Americans have enjoyed for the past 230 years. You too David Barton. I really do sincerely think that you are a liar, a fruitcake, and a charlatan who is using Christ’s church as a cheap political plaything. I am not trying to hurt your feelings or be ugly to you. I am just stating what I honestly think, feel, and believe.

  6. Gohmert was caught out having said something really, really stupid and rather than minimizing the damage he’s gone all psycho. This is not a smart man and the fact that he quotes a commenter on a blog named “Tony” as a credible source only proves that point.

    “But, but, but Tony said he sawd dem leave and comes back wid a BABY! A TERROR BABY!!”

    Isn’t East Texas the butt of enough humor without Gohmerts?

  7. Uh huh. You laugh now but I seed one of ’em. By day, dey loooks normal, but when the sun goes down, it gets very dark outside and day become invisible and day have huge TEETH! An dey gots beards and…Oh nuts, they’re werewolves! I keep getting them mixed up like one of those Fright Wingers’ brains.

    I just hope that Americans get their heads out of their rear ends before the elections. There are some facts that are just plain facts and nothing can be done to change them. President Obama has accomplished more in less than two years than Roosevelt died prior to his kicking the bucket and he accomplished a lot.

    It’s pretty pathetic that Obama was elected with a decent majority, so what are the people complaining about? The real reason, I believe, is because the man is half black and the bigots of this world do not think that people like him should be the manager of anything bigger than a shoe shine store. It makes me sick. Haven’t we reached that place in history where people are judged by the content of their character and not the color of their skin? The answer is obvious: Nope. And thank you Dr. King for that line.

    We had a woman try to start up a homeowner’s association because “the wrong kind of people are moving into the community.” Oh yes, we have Hispanics, blacks, Campbell’s…all kinds of people, none apparently go to her church and she sure doesn’t want to live next to one. Then it happened. One of the “wrong people” bought the house next door to her. So SHE moved out.

    Have any of you read the Letter from a Birmingham Jail? I dare anyone to read that and not come away with dry eyes. When he was murdered, I was working at a store in East Los Angeles. Applause broke out for a few moments because the majority of shoppers glared at those bigots who were shopping at the same time. It was a vulgar display of bigotry I will take with me to the grave. I am seeing the same kind of bigotry and hate that the Weird Wingers are whipping up; I had hoped that those days were over.

    Texas became Republican when the Civil Rights Acts were established as the law of the land. Am I saying that Texans are bigots? No, but enough are that bigotry and hatred has become the De facto thought of Republicans. Just try to get a Texas voter to explain why they don’t like Obama and none of them will tell you the truth: We don’t take orders from a nigger. Before anyone takes me to task for using that word, my grandchildren, who I love with a passion, are bi-racial. The word sticks in my throat.

    I pray for the day when bigotry becomes a footnote in our history.

  8. Hi Beverly. Nice post. I had the same thought just the other day. President Obama has indeed accomplished more in just a little over 1.5 years than most Presidents accomplish in 4 or 8 years. Moreover, each accomplishment has been absolutely huge in its own right—no popcorn chicken accomplishments in this guy’s dossier—only first rate accomplishments that have embodied to one degree or another—the change he promised. Moreover, I feel we have someone in The White House who really does care for hurting people in a very hurting time. Many years from now, a sane United States will remember him as one of the best Presidents we ever had.

  9. The events chronicled in the “Invasion of the Terror Babies” has brought to mind another alien horror story: “The Invasion of the Party Snatchers”.
    An alien life form has taken over the entire Republican Party and has turned them into mindless zombies, capable only of concocting preposterous paranoid conspiracy theories.
    We must find the pods.

  10. David, I think you’re right. I’ve watched in “shock and awe” over the past few years at the meltdown of the GOP and the rise of the Pod People. It amazes me (and scares me to death) that so many people will be voting Republican or Tea Party this November. (And Tea Party just means Republican On Steroids). They will be voting against their own best self-interests, the fools.

    In addition to Anderson Cooper’s presentation of Louie Gohmert and his interview with another fruitcake, Debbie Riddle (R-TX). I found her even scarier than Gohmert – if that’s possible. She looked not only psychotic but hysterical.

    The interesting thing is that she was subsequently interviewed on Friday’s NPR show, “Texas Matters.” You all should have a listen to it online. In that interview, she made herself look more rational and reasonable. But not only that, she made it look like Anderson Cooper had virtually ambushed her. For example, she expressed surprise and disgust at the phrase “terror babies,” saying she didn’t know where that expression came from except from Anderson Cooper. Her handlers had coached her very well for NPR, knowing what a disaster she had been on AC360 the prior night.

  11. Yes, I saw the Riddle interview first. She was hysterical on a couple of levels.
    I hope the Dem. party in her district has a little life. These people are really the result of the GOP not having any serious competition in their districts. Some of that is due to gerrymandering, but I’m hoping the Dems can start putting some rational, responsible people up to run against these fruitcakes.

  12. Today, “our” Senator, John Cornyn tried to make an issue out of a non-issue. He blasted President Obama for approving the Mosque near the Twin Towers. The problem is that the president is smart enough NOT to have said that! He reaffirmed our heritage of freedom of religion; he made no comment relative to the Mosque that they think 2/3 of all of America is opposed to it.

    It is NONE OF HIS DAMNED BUSINESS! (Cornyn). But like most Republicans the noise that came out of his mouth was more like a jackass. It was just “I’ll say anything even if it isn’t true.”

    Has anyone ever done the DNA test of member of the GOP? There is something missing. It is the part of the heart that lets them have no care for others. Someone doesn’t have health care? That’s their problem, not the government’s. Someone lost their job and can’t pay their rent? Have a fund available BUT 15 days after you can’t pay your rent, you’re tossed out on your rump. The fund? Oh, that doesn’t kick in for SIXTY USELESS DAYS!

    I once lost my job as a “media specialist.” That particular job title has maybe a half a dozen individuals in any given town; it’s a specialized job in commercial radio. My boss walked up to me and said, “Bev, you finish up the day or you can go home now but the department has been shut down.” BANG! Disposal People. Because there were exactly zero openings in my specialty I tried working for temp agencies who tested people on typewriters. I’d not used one of those things in years. My apartment manager attempted to toss me out although I’d paid on time for over 5 years. I was told about a church that might be able to help me. I went in and discovered that they wanted me to go back to school to learn the alphabet and basic grammar. No help until I’d done six months.

    I found out that unless you knew how to be poor, you got no help. I finally opened my own shop writing house organs. Then I went to work for a Republican who blamed ME for the situation I found myself in. But he would pay me the munificent sum of $5.00 an hour; I had been earning considerably more just working for myself! That is the idea whipped up by Republicans; they have no feelings for the other person.

    Now most of the folks, if not all, on this string are liberals. Republicans have names for us, but they abhor us and call us fools for caring if our neighbor has enough to eat, give them a hand up if they fall on hard time, for giving a damn for others, for wanting HEALTH CARE for ALL…

    I swear that when a Republican is shamed into giving something for the common good a tear wells up in their eyes. Something THEY OWNED has gone bye bye.

    And that, to me, is the bottom line. They say they don’t want government until someone is goring their ox then “there ought to be a law, where is Congress?” And they look at us liberals as though we are communists, fascists and socialists all at the same time. As long as they can keep what they think is theirs, they’re happy. If taxes go up, they scream! Since President Obama has been in office, TAXES HAVE GONE DOWN, but they won’t look at their pay stubs and see the truth; taxes are up (in their heads) and oh, how they are screaming.

    I wonder what would happen if they ever saw the truth.

  13. As I wrote in another thread, it is not up to the president, the senator, or even the American public whether or not this mosque construction is approved. Those whose business it IS have already approved it and legally so. It’s a moot point.

    Fascinating how the Repugniks question how we’re going to pay for unemployment insurance. (And folks, it’s UNEMPLOYMENT INSURANCE. It is NOT welfare). These conservative idiots have not given one nanosecond of thought as to how we’re going to pay for tax repeal for the wealthiest 2% nor how we’re going to pay for two wars without end. (And if you think the war in Iraq is ending, you’re fooling yourself. American forces will be there for years….decades).

    Oh but wait! We’re NOT paying for our two wars. We’re borrowing from China to finance our wars. I’m fascinated that Communist China has become the banker to Capitalist America. Yet capitalism is the be all and end all. The irony of it all….. you can’t make this stuff up.

    And if that isn’t bad enough, the Repugniks voted AGAINST giving more $$ to community banks so that they could make more loans to small business. Oh, but wait! Loaning to small businesses….I guess that’s “Marxist Bull-poo.”

    And that weirdo in Denver, Dan Maes, has said that the bicycle rental system in cities is some kind of United Nations scheme. Uh, I thought bicycle rentals were called ENTREPRENEURSHIP: a person is starting a business that seems to answer a demand. That USED to be called capitalism and USED to be considered a good thing. It’s like capitalism has become the new marxism in this topsy-turvy world.

    Life is way too confusing anymore.

    Oh, and John Cornyn is still the same a__hole I’ve always known him to be.

  14. I know how you feel, Beverly, I know how you feel. Now we’ve had a judge bust Wells Fargo for it’s deceptive overdraft policy.
    Say you’re a construction contractor, you have a good year, then the next year (2001) you have a not so good year. You start compensating with the easy credit. Then you develop a disabling auto-immune condition, so you’re now at the mercy of subcontractors. The price per square drops due to the radical influx of cheap labor,(good fellows, hard workers, honorable people, friends). You see your margin shrink. So you shift to hauling construction trash and doing more odd jobs to make ends meet. The checks are slow in coming. However, you still have the rent, utilities, etc. to pay. Every time you get behind on the utilities they give you a caning with the late fees, extra deposit, etc. Your credit sours and then the bank starts kicking you while your down with the overdraft fees. Etc.
    You’re left in a fetal position, quivering, (metaphorically speaking).
    So much for entrepeneurialism.
    What I have just described is “Republican culture”.
    And, of course, they have used the “wedge issues” to manipulate the simpleminded in order to preserve their power. After having been backed into the corner, and seeing the existential end, they now sense a “way out”. Survival.
    Progressives have only one route to having the power to change things. They have to get out the vote. The way things are is a function of the fact that citizens in this country have been passive. Progressives must make sure that the poor, unemployed, etc., all the unempowered in the country, get out and vote.

  15. Mr. Obama and the Mosque? What is he doing? The answer is simple, and here it is in a nutshell:

    “I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

    I rest my case.

  16. Another Texan in the news….wonder how much more fodder our state will get to provide the commedians. This individual obviously thinks opinions = fact….

  17. Charles, I cried when I read your post. Yes, dammit, that is exactly what President is doing. Unfortunately, there is a movement in this country that doesn’t honor the Constitution. David, I appreciate your understanding. One of the worst presidents in our history–Reagan–basically hated anyone that wasn’t him. For eight years I was on Social Security Disability, a part of the Federal Insurance Contribution Act (FICA) which is an INSURANCE plan for the unemployed, disabled and retired. I paid into the account for about 44 years. Reagan make it damned near impossible for anyone to get disability insurance payments without making some lawyer rich. I was fortunate in that my disability was so severe that I received no problem from FICA. I know of people who are totally disabled because their SS doctors say that they’re not too disabled to do some work…but nobody will hire a person who cannot walk or talk! She’s been trying for four years and nothing she has tried has worked. But Reagan thought that some people just wanted to get on what he considered the dole. Oh sure, I wanted to take about 44% I earned while working. When they saw that it took almost 50 units of blood to stop the bleeding in my brain and started to have grand mal seizures and had no short term memory, they figured I qualified.

    Unfortunately, I look normal but cannot walk more than a few feet before having to sit down. Someone can tell me something and I have no recollection of it whatsoever. One of my family simply cannot get it through her head that unless she gets my attention, she can tell me something and I never hear it. Oh well…

    Now as for the Gohmert. I watched the clip of him on Cooper’s show. The man is a danger to himself and the world, he needs to be committed to an institution that will help him perceive reality. He did not shut up for one second, he talked over Cooper constantly. All Cooper was trying to do was get some evidence from that moron and the moron just kept on screaming and not giving Cooper the time of the day. Disgusting! Do his constituents know what a moron they have sent to Washington?

    I’m now going to bang my head against a wall…it will feel better when I stop.