Fischer Blames Colorado Shootings on Teaching Evolution, Ending State-Sponsored School Prayer

by Dan Quinn

Bryan Fischer, a spokesman for a hate group that Texas Gov. Rick Perry asked to help organize his prayer extravaganza in Houston last August, is blaming the horrific Colorado theater shootings last week on teaching students about evolution.

Raw Story reports what Fischer, the director of issues analysis for the American Family Association, said on his Monday radio program:

“…Fischer pondered whether Pastor Rick Warren was talking about suspected Aurora shooter James Holmes or homosexuals when he tweeted, ‘When students are taught they are no different from animals, they act like it.’

“If this tweet was connected to the shooting, to this James Holmes, to the one that killed the 12 and wounded the 58 in this theater, it would be appropriate,” Fischer noted. “Because what does evolution teach? What does evolution teach? Evolution teaches that nature is a struggle, it is a battle, that only the fittest survive, that the way you get to increasingly complex forms of life is the strongest species survives.”

“So, this James Holmes, he’s one of the stronger ones,” he added. “He sees himself as evolutionarily advanced just like he was taught in school about Darwin, that this is how natural selection works.”

Fischer goes on to argue that liberals also caused the shooting by “telling God to get lost” and getting rid of prayer and the Ten Commandments in public schools.

These arguments aren’t original. David Barton, head of the Texas-based group WallBuilders, has argued that the Supreme Court’s decision banning state-mandated prayer in schools has led to a variety of social evils. (Read more about this here.) And during the Texas State Board of Education’s debate over new science curriculum standards in 2009, religious-righters argued that serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer murdered and ate his victims because he “believed in evolution.”