Tell Gov. Perry: Stop Using Faith as a Weapon

Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s decision to host a Christians-only prayer event with a vicious hate group is beyond appalling. The governor and his staff claim that the August 6 event in Houston is meant to bring the nation together in prayer. But how is that remotely possible when the event is designed to promote a conservative evangelical Christianity (a perspective certainly not shared by all Christians) and the governor has asked the American Family Association to organize it? In fact, the Southern Poverty Law Center has identified the AFA as a hate group on par with Fred “God Hates Fags” Phelps’ Westboro Baptist Church, the Ku Klux Klan and Aryan Nations. Instead of uniting people of faith in prayer for our nation, this event will actually sharpen divisions among Americans along religious and political lines.

So it’s time for Texans, regardless of faith and political perspective, to stand up for decency, respect and tolerance. Sign on to an open letter that calls on Gov. Perry “to make this gathering open to speakers and attendees of all faiths and welcoming of people of good will who are not affiliated with a faith tradition.” Moreover, the letter calls on the governor  “to demonstrate your commitment to religious tolerance by ending the association between your office and the American Family Association.”

You can sign on to the letter here.

Don’t think this letter is necessary? Then ask yourself why it could possibly be a good thing for the governor of the state of Texas — someone who says he’s considering a run for president of the United States — to ask such a hateful group as the American Family Association to help him organize this event. In fact, one of AFA’s leading spokesmen has questioned President Obama’s Christian beliefs, called him a “boy,” and claimed that he hates America and white people. Moreover, he has blamed gay people for the Holocaust, said African-American women who get welfare “rut like rabbits,” smeared Native Americans as generally immoral, referred to Muslims as “parasites” and a “toxic cancer,” and suggested that Muslims must convert to Christianity or be killed by the U.S. military.

This event, in short, is not the “nonpolitical” affair that Gov. Perry claims. It’s simply another cynical attempt to use faith as a weapon to divide Americans for political gain as the governor considers whether to jump into presidential politics. Send a message that you are tired of politicians who drag faith into partisan politics and associate with hateful, divisive groups like the American Family Association — sign on to the open letter to Gov. Perry here.

32 thoughts on “Tell Gov. Perry: Stop Using Faith as a Weapon

  1. I am not a Texan, but I am thinking about moving to Texas. And Governor Good-Hair is an interesting fellow.

    Do you think he really agrees with the evangelicals? Or is he just using them for political gain?

  2. Islam is one of the great Religions of this world with over 1 billion members.

    However, Islam is MORE than a Religion; Islam is also a form of … GOVERNMENT … !!!!

    This explains why Muslims, once they reach about 15% of a population, begin demanding … SHARIAH LAW … !!!!!

  3. Does the of Tex’sass governor believe in Evangelical Christianity? Probably not — as is the case of many politicians and businessmen promoting it.

    The reason why these people promote Evangelical Fundamental Christianity is because Evangelical Fundamental Christianity does such a good job of keeping those who follow it in constant servatude — of which goes completely unnoticed by the faithful — Accept those who rule of you — Never complaign — do not covet the riches money — You’re position in society has been preordained by god himself — work yourself to death for the benefit of your employer — Don’t look to your employer to provide with a livelihood — look to god — see the litlies how they grow and all that other blowing snow.

  4. I don’t mind Perry using faith, as long as he is completely inclusive. Invite leaders of Bábism, Bahá’í Faith, Catholicism, Protestantism, Gnosticism, Islam, Judaism, Rastafarian, Mandaeans and Sabians, Samaritanism, Unitarian Universalism, Indian religions, Ayyavazhi, Bhakti, Buddhism, Din-i-Ilahi, Hinduism, Jainism, Sikhism, Manichaeism, Mazdakism, Yazdânism, Zoroastrianism, Mithraism, Confucianism, Shinto, Taoism, Indigenous traditional religions, including African, American, Eurasian, Oceania/Pacific, cargo cults, historical polytheism, Indo-European, Hellenistic, Neopaganism, New Age, esotericism, mysticism, Esotericism and mysticism, Occult and magical, Left-Hand Path, Wicca (all traditions), and Shinshukyo–and those are just for starters–then we’ll talk. He really needs to understand the Constitution of the United States. Refusal to include amounts to thumbing his nose at it. Expect more Perry Posturing Political Plays.

  5. Judaism is one of the great Religions of this world with over 13.3 million members.

    However, Judaism is MORE than a Religion; Judaism is also a form of … GOVERNMENT … !!!!

    This explains why Jews, once they reach about 15% of a population, begin demanding … OLD TESTAMENT LAW … !!!!!

    Fundamentalist Christianity is one of the great Religions of this world with over 220 million members.

    However, Christian fundamentalism is MORE than a Religion, Christian fundamentalism is also a form of government…A CHRISTIAN NATION!!!

    This explains why Christian fundamentalists, one they reach about 15% of a population, begin demanding…BIBLICAL LAW…!!!

    Any questions? I didn’t think so.

  6. Dear goingtotexas,

    I am a native Texan, 65 years of age. I never in my youth believed I would ever discourage anyone from coming to the Lone Star State. But please don’t come here if you have children under the age of 18. You will regret it all your days, and your children will pay the price all their lives. Texas is charging headlong back into the Dark Ages, and the sacrificial slaughter of our educational system is the vanguard in that charge.

    Honest John

  7. I have to agree with John Barnes. Texas is descending into a right wing fruitcake abyss. To get a feel for what this sort of descent is like, rent a copy of the movie “Cabaret” and pay close attention.

  8. Don’t the sane people in Texas need some reinforcements? If Texas does descend into the right wing fruitcake abyss, won’t the rest of the country follow?

  9. I was unemployed for a year, and so I had time to read a lot. A lot of articles about job growth said Texas is where the job growth will be. So that is where I am looking. There is a lot of job growth in North Dakota, but I really do not want to deal with winter. Snow and ice is one thing in a big city. I cannot imagine dealing with a blizzard out there.

    Plus I am getting tired of Chicago. I see a lot of empty storefronts, the CTA does not seem as reliable as it used to be, and I think I just need to try some other place for a while.

    Austin seems like an island of sanity in Texas.

  10. I agree with Ben. In Austin you can have your cake and eat it too.

    Stay away from Amarillo. There is not much to do there, nuclear weapons are the biggest business in town, their biggest park (Palo Duro Canyon) has stagnant air because it is hundreds of feet below the surrounding ground surface, and it is hotter than Hades in summer. I spent a month one night in Amarillo. The temperature outside was 107 degrees (actual), the air conditioner in my hotel room was overwhelmed by the heat, making my ambient room temperature about 90 degrees. Then the thunderstorms came, the power went out all night, and the tornadoes came. On another visit, at the Harvey Hotel, some jerk pulled the fire alarm at 4:00 a.m. and drove everyone out into the parking lot in their nighties and pajamas.. They also have dangerous traffic signals and markings.

    I suspect the following song was written with Amarillo in mind:

  11. Jesus Christ, The republicans are stupid and subservient to a bunch corporate, greedy, land grabbing bastards, And they are using Perry, a gullible, and apparently ignorant ,( I hope,) to further their agenda.

  12. Try acting as Jesus might instead of shoving him down the throats of others already doing what they see to be morally correct. You cannot assume nor impose morality; morality is subjective. Follow your soul not your polls or bank accounts, and maybe, just maybe you will do the right thing.

  13. so far Not one of my posts have gone through, what are you people afraid of ?….a differing viewpoint ?….of course you are….if this one doesnt go through this site will be labled as SPAM

    1. We have approved all posts we’ve seen waiting for moderation. I see four from you (different threads), Chief, including this last one.

  14. Perry cant use his faith as a weapon?, but obama can use his faith to destroy america?, who is kidding whom here?…obama is and always has been a muslim, the religion of islam forbids changing religions, ….unless the person is lying about it, then the Quran not only allows lying , but encourages it, google “aqiyya-kitman” especially if it furthers the cause of islam, which is why obama says he’s a christian, yet does all he can to undermine Israel, how many Christians hide the images of Christianity ?, how many true Christians dont understand to fundamental aliance the US has with Israel ?, how many Christians can quote the Quran in perfect Arabic ?, how many Christians want to see America on it’s knees, and How many Christians would bow to a Saudi leader ?, or ANY middle East Leader ?, you guys need to stop smoking crack

  15. By Jove, Chief, you’ve done it. You’ve revealed the most diabolical Catch-22 in existence. Someone like Obama can claim to NOT be a Muslim, but since Muslims are allowed to lie, how could we ever know for sure? Brilliant.

    But wait a second. Now that I think about it, how do I know YOU aren’t a Muslim. I mean, it kind of makes sense. Here you are, on a site largely visited by Christians, and what are you doing? You’re attempting to foment paranoia and discontent, that’s what you’re doing. That seems like something a secret Muslim would do to create chaos within Christian communities. Also, your prose is about half-literate, and that seems like something a secret Muslim would do to fit in with far-right, wingnut Christians.

    So the evidence is stacked against you. That means I have no choice. Until you can prove that you are not a Muslim, I’m going to assume that you are in fact a Muslim.

  16. Ben, you can assume all you want,, you dont know anything about ME, anymore than you knew about the house you were buying that was covered in vinyl siding, hiding thousands of dollars worth of termite, and water damage, not to mention the termite and water damage that was already visible, and what doi you think a Judge would say when I showed him a signed sworn avfidavit saying you told the dealer it was my money, I earned it ?……so you are wasting your time hassling me here….go spend the rest of the Money you fleeced off that trucking co…with the help of your Ambulance Chaser

  17. I thought this was a moderated board ?, why are you allowing someone to bring a personal issue into this forum?, I ask you delete all bens posts and my replys., none of this is on topic, it’s just a distraction and if it doesnt have any business here.

    1. As we told you before, Chief, you misread Ben’s post. He wasn’t your client. He was quoting from someone who posted on your own blog. Moreover, we have already ended the discussion on that thread. You’re the one who brought it up again.

  18. no ones commented on my blog, and apparently Ben didnt get your memo, this doesnt bother me, but it’s a distraction for others since it’s not on topic, and Ben, it really makes no difference to me what you think, you thought spending $35,000.00 for a house not worth $5000.00 was a good deal……

    1. Chief, please stop bringing up a topic you’ve already asked to be dropped from this blog. Further posts from you on this topic will not be approved.

  19. Chief, I’ll make a deal with you. If you’ll prove that you are not a secret Muslim, I’ll use the same technique to prove that Obama is not a secret Muslim.

  20. But…

    What if the Chief is a Muslim, but he does not know that he is really a Muslim? He could have amnesia or perhaps Milk of Magnesia. Would that mean he is female, his mother was a cobalt blue bottle, and he does not know that either?

    The idea that Obama is a Muslim comes from what I call Southern Religious Reckoning. Let’s take Joe. Joe is 40 years old. He does not believe in God or Jesus. He never prays. He never reads the Bible, but he uses a large one as a stop for his kitchen door. He was in a church only one time in his life—to attend a wedding ceremony—not his own. However, Joe’s dad was a member of a Southern Baptist Convention church by letter—a church his father never actually attended and to which he never took any of his children.

    According to Southern Religious Reckoning, Joe is a Southern Baptist because his daddy was one. Any of the other facts related to the matter and presented above are irrelevant. The child is automatically reckoned to be religiously exactly the same as the father was. Like father like son. By that same reckoning, Barack Obama is Muslim.

    Hey, that’s the way it works down South.