Cathie Adams: ‘President Obama Fried His Brain on Drugs’

This has to be said: Cathie Adams, president of the far-right group Texas Eagle Forum and former chair of the Texas Republican Party, is probably one of the most hateful people in politics today. So it’s hardly surprising to hear that Adams characterizes the president of the United States as a brain-addled druggie. Our friends at have an audio clip of Adams speaking at a right-wing event a week before this year’s November election:

“And folks we’ve got to be very careful about saying ‘well, that’s not for me but you can do whatever you want.’ Folks, we have a rule of law, we have a Constitution and those things must be upheld.  We cannot think that, well, if what their trying to do, for example, right now on a ballot in Colorado is legalize marijuana.  And if we legalize it, will we empty out our jails and will we be safe for ever more?  No.  I’m telling you, Barack Hussein Obama has got to have a teleprompter because he fried his brain on drugs.”

This isn’t the first time Adams has attacked politicians she hates in such personal ways. Here’s what she said about Texas Gov. Ann Richards in 1994:

“She’s an anti-religious bigot. . . .  How can people think she is Texas — down-home Ma Richards? I feel very insulted that she is representing me as a Texas woman. Most Texas women are ladylike and God-fearing. Ann Richards has none of those qualities.”

She has also suggested that Bill and Hillary Clinton were somehow involved in the murder of associates. Her attacks on President Obama in the past have been particularly vicious, including questioning his religious faith (“I personally see NO evidence that Obama has that kind of ‘saving faith.’”) and comparing him to Adolf Hitler.

In her rant before this most recent election, Adams called President Obama a Marxist and suggested he is a narcissist:

“So for us to elect a US Senator or elect a President who thinks more of himself than he ought, who thinks so narcissisticly, as Barack Hussein Obama glared at Mitt Romney in that last debate, I was so offended I wanted to go up and just smack his face.” has more from Adams’ speech here, including an audio clip. We have lots more about Adams from over the years here. We’re not too surprised that she lasted less than a year as chair of the Texas GOP. What astonishes us is that Republicans gave her that post in the first place.

12 thoughts on “Cathie Adams: ‘President Obama Fried His Brain on Drugs’

  1. What do you expect of her? I thought everyone knew that Cathyie Adams is another brain-addled druggie. What she is doing is called “projection” in psychology.

  2. I have got to post this on the blog tonight. This is just too rich. What more can a person do to make themselves look ridiculous? That is besides tying a tin can to their tail.