Vote Today!

Are you tired of a State Board of Education that puts political and personal agendas ahead of what’s best for Texas kids? Are you angry when SBOE members censor history, reject established science and ignore the recommendations of teachers and scholars? Are you embarrassed that public education in Texas has become the butt of national jokes because of the political shenanigans of religious extremists on the SBOE?

THEN VOTE TODAY in the Republican and Democratic primaries for the Texas State Board of Education.

All 15 seats on the SBOE are up for election this year. Over the next two years the SBOE will consider the adoption of science, social studies and math textbooks that could be in classrooms for nearly a decade. So you have the opportunity to help shape the face of public education in the state for nearly a generation.

You can find information and news about SBOE candidates at That information includes what candidates religious-right groups are backing in today’s GOP primaries. You can also find voting information at

So get out and VOTE! Then this evening we’ll be tweeting about election results. You can follow us on Twitter: @tfn, and watch for #sboe2012.


3 thoughts on “Vote Today!

  1. How will we in faraway states know the results of the election. Is TFN posting anything tonight as they are counted?

    1. Charles,
      We’ll be tweeting about the election results. You can follow us on Twitter: @tfn, and watch for #sboe2012. Depending on how quickly the counting goes, we hope to update folks on TFN Insider as well.

  2. Until our Democracy is restored, I will refuse to vote again. I have voted in EVERY election since I was 21; I’m now 71 and am fed up with this country’s refusal to do anything about the 400 people who own the majority of the wealth in this country.

    Justice Brandeis said that we can either have a democracy or the majority of the country’s wealth in the hands of a small group of individuals but we cannot have both.

    I am SO ANGRY that because a Democratic president and Congress did the RIGHT thing by passing the civil rights act, this damned state went to the f…ing GOP and then to the FAR WRONG. THERE IS NO WAY THAT I WILL EVER HAVE REPRESENTATION IN THIS STATE…I HAVE TO MOVE TO A STATE WHERE PEOPLE ARE FAIR-MINDED PEOPLE LIVE AND DO NOT MIND THAT HUMAN BEING ARE PERMITTED TO LIVE AS FREE PEOPLE.

    Texas is NOT that state and I cannot wait to get the hell out of here.

    I’ve no representation in Washington nor in Austin. They will NOT even so much as ANSWER direct questions; they give BS answers that have NOTHING to do with my questions.

    The moron who is supposed to be my Congress critter, one Burgess, had the police come to my door because I had threatened his life! I requested the police to go get a copy of the email where I supposedly did that. ALL I DID WAS TO SAY IF PAUL RYAN’S PLANS WENT THROUGH A LOT OF PEOPLE WOULD DIE.

    The officers had a great laugh at Burgess’ stupidity.

    Cornyn had my email address blocked for the longest time because I kept calling what he was doing against the Constitution. I carry a copy of the Constitution with me at all times; I also have it on my Kindle and on my PC.

    I’ll never bother voting again in Texas.

    My vote means NOTHING. I have