Texans David Barton, Alex Jones Make SPLC’s Watch List of Leading Radical-Righters

Two Texans are on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s new watch list of 30 influential radical-right leaders and activists in America today: history revisionist and “Christian nation” advocate David Barton of WallBuilders and conspiracy theorist and Patriot movement screamer Alex Jones of Austin.

Barton and Jones have truly infamous companions on the SPLC’s list, including:

SPLC includes short biographies of each person on the watch list.

From the Barton bio:

Barton, the founder and leader of WallBuilders, is best known for claiming that America was founded as a Christian nation and wrote a book entitled The Myth of Separation. He says the founding fathers intended only Christians to hold office, citing early documents to back that falsehood.

Barton’s interests extend beyond his view of Christianity. He advocates government regulation of homosexuality and has claimed that gay people die “decades earlier” than others and have more than 500 sexual partners apiece in their lifetimes. He cited infamous Islamophobe Robert Spencer in attacking U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison, the first Muslim congressman. He opposes immigration reform, saying that God established national borders, and has appeared on the radio show of hard-line nativist William Gheen. At one point, Barton even spoke at an event put on by Pete Peters, a pastor of the anti-Semitic and racist Christian Identity theology (he later said he had no idea that Peters’ group was “part of the Nazi movement”).

From the Jones bio:

Every week from his studio in Austin, Texas, he dives into red-faced tirades exposing the forces that threaten to enslave all human life on the planet. The conspiracy always boils down to about the same thing: eugenics operations, the militarization of the police, a cabal of wealthy corporations and the United Nations involved in a fiendish plot to control the world.

Although it hardly seems possible, Jones’ fecund imagination now seems to be sprouting even more conspiracy theories than before.

Last year, for example, after Jared Lee Loughner went on his January 2011 rampage in Tucson, Ariz., killing six and wounding U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, Jones told Rolling Stone: “This whole thing stinks to high heaven. … My gut tells me this was a staged mind-control operation. The government employs geometric psychological-warfare experts that know exactly how to indirectly manipulate unstable people through the media.”

Such are the Texas representatives on the SPLC’s list of our nation’s most influential radical-righters. Aren’t you proud?

We haven’t focused much on Jones’ career, but we have plenty on Barton here.